Running update

Running update

Morning all, Not posted for a while due to injury and holidays. The physio is definitely helping my post tibial tendonitis and I'm looking forward (?) to more ultrasound and accupuncture on Monday.

So I went on holiday to Helensburgh in Scotland to see family, a massive party for my 18 year old niece and my 50 year old brother.

Having driven up during the day (7 hours 15 mins) the party was great fun including a vodka luge with vodka coloured with skittles. Needless to say it was a late night (4am).

So when I woke at 10:30 I did what everyone would do pulled on my running clothes and went for a run along the seaside 37 mins for 5.4k and a great hangover cure.

More meals out, copious drinks (I was on holiday) and a trip to "spoons" where the cheapest beer was Β£1.29 a pint ended in 3 games of pool that took 2 hours due to our inability to pot the balls and crying with laughter along came monday. 6.25K in 41 minutes using run 2 mins, walk 1 min, and my calf was feeling better and I loved the sea air.

Another rest day and a promise to my 15 tear old niece to run with her the following morning. Her stipulation - not too early (10:30), my stipulation not too fast ;-). She has recently switched running clubs to Glasgow Victoria (I think) where they make her run until they all nearly hurl - which she enjoys as her other club didn't push her but I digress. Off we went running up hills, more hills, more hills until I had to get her to stop while my heart rate recovered. This went on for quite some time but the scenery was beautiful and I was just about keeping up with a 15 year old. When she said this is the last uphill stretch I said we should race to the summit. Of course she beat me but only by 15 yards. We then descended through Rhu to the gates of the submarine base. My garmin was telling me we had done 6k which was more than enough but we decided to run back along the seafront. As we got near the house another check said we had done 9.9k so we took a slight detour to clock the 10K. It wasn't fast by my uninjured times 10.48K in 1 hour 14 mins but it was the furthest she had ever run and we both loved it running in the sunshine. It was hot but what a sense of achievement Kara for her distance, me for an unexpected 10k coming back from injury. I drove home that night leaving at 7pm and getting home at 2am.

I have been suffering since as both calfs have acted up but today I went for a slow run walk with Rico and after stretching they feel better.

Good luck to all runners in park runs, and our half and full marathons. Specially good luck to JuicyJu I hope Paris is good to you.

You can see a screenshot of the unexpected 10K and those uphills below

Happy Running all.



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  • Hellooooo!!! That sounds like a great week! And what a fantastic run. Sounds lovely and you managed to keep up with your niece which is brilliant!!! Well done you! You're back!!!! :)

  • Thanks Lou. Definitely getting there but I was really stiff the next day.

  • It's done you good then!!! Woke up those muscles again!!! Have a good rest and stretch.

  • Brilliant 😬 it's such a great achievement especially since you've been injured well done. I found over Easter weekend running after alcohol doesn't work well for me ha

  • Thanks Dawn. I find I run best when hungover as I can't think about anything ;-)

  • I did dry jan and continued up until middle of march. Since then I've started to have the odd glass and I definately can feel it. Feel more sluggish. So as of yesterday I'm off the booze again. I feel so much better not drinking and sleep better too!

  • That sounds great Lou

  • It's a great feeling to know you can give it up easily!!! Thanks GF!!

  • Wow GF, that's a lot of hill. Well done on keeping up with a 15 year old, that's pretty impressive, almost as impressive as running with a hangover! ;) So good to hear your recovery is progressing so well. Gotta love a bit of acupuncture :)

  • Thanks EM hope you are doing well too

  • Well done toi ans thankyou toi so much for tour encouragement!!

  • You'll be superb panther,Bon Chance

  • What a fab run, I loved reading about it and well done keeping up with a 15 year old proper runner!

  • Thanks PN I loved it

  • Fantastic, good to hear you're getting better! I'm envious of your trip to the "Spoons" my local one burnt down a couple of weeks ago..

  • Sorry to hear that Curly it was very busy on a Saturday night

  • It was my second home! We were eating lunch there 4 or 5 times a was really sad :-(

    but now I'm back in France, home of cheap wholesome lunches :-)

  • Excellent news GF. Great to read that you are well on the way back to top form :)

  • Thanks Zev feeling good today and got the physio tomorrow

  • Oh G, I do hope this means youve definitely turned a corner and are much better. I am back on the IC , my hips dont work ! :-(

    Glad you had a great time with your family xxx Hope you feel fully re-charged and ready to go :-)

    All the very best to you xxx

  • Thanks PP - definitely recharged the batteries and sorted out my knackered calf. Looking forward to physio tomorrow and a run after maybe ;-) Sorry to hear your hips are playing up. My daughter had problems with hers as they were too loose ;-) Used to have to strap them in for netball. Hope you are back on the mend soon


  • Thanks G, only 5 and a bit weeks to go before my 10k run - Gulp ! I dont think I will be running it non stop :-)

    Let us know how you go on tomorrow xxx

  • Will do thanks xx

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