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Out for the start of week 4 and don't feel any pressure to succeed as already graduated just doing this to build up muscle strengths round the knee . Anyway while plodding around you get time to contemplate things so here's my take on breathing and what we take in for the townies car and industrial pollution for the country dwellers car pollution fresh country air and the taste of muck spreading on the fields and the coast dwellers car pollution and fresh sea air having lived in all 3 environments and with quite a few forumites reporting from the coast I know which one I prefer anyday but that's for another time back on topic the run went okay and managed to do all parts with no dramas will carry working through the programme without jumping forward on to run 2


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  • Glad to hear you are not completely stuck on the IC. If I choose the sea wall I can stay away from all traffic so no car fumes but I have muck spreading on the fields inland and the smell of the sea combined with the Maldon mud and seaweed on my other side πŸ˜€ Then as I pass one of the resident boats I am hit by an overpowering smell of diesel ! I really don't know how they live on that boat 😳

  • I run a diesel Ford Mondeo for economy but am not a lover of diesel I think the smell of seaweed always reminds of something long past its best. By the way had to laugh at your first training session did Dave think you where trying to injure him with the dog

  • He did. But be should be used to it by now πŸ˜€ What can I say - in easily distracted !

  • I am going to denigrate the sexes now he is a man and should know what to expect

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Maldon-on-the-mud! Ooh, that takes me back to days out with my Dad when I was seven (some little time ago!) it was our favourite place in the world - a mirror dinghy, cheese sandwiches - bliss! Thank you for the memory.........

  • You're as old as you want to be if we ever do what my wife would like which is run a self catering holiday let in Teignmouth in Devon you can relive your childhood all over again

  • Sounds like a plan! ⛡️⛡️⛡️

  • Are you doing the same as me just reading posts and answering the ones you want to.

  • Got to do something of a Saturday morning - feeling guilty I'm not at Park run or the Gym! Although I am trying to pack for the hols and tidy the house, but really want a run!! Might go out later when the list has been checked off πŸ˜€ Back to the grindstone!

  • Did you used to swim in the lake too. My mum always the tale of when I went in wearing an orange & white swimsuit but came out wearing brown & orange! πŸ˜‚ It never ever went white again - but we loved it there too πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚

  • I did, I remember grassy banks and brown water and getting stuck! I thought we sailed miles up and down rivers and round islands. However, have just been chatting to Mum (95) and she has just informed me it was "just a little bit of the estuary, dear" so that told me!! It gave us a nice few mins chat though, so thanks OldPossum x

  • Good to see you taking it steadily MOK, it is also good to see you out there and regaining strength. I love your pondering as you run yourself well - hurrah for you!

  • Thank you it is amazing what comes to mind when you are on your own with nothing else to think about but putting one foot in front of the other

  • Sounds blissful! Running nice and steady for fun in the landscape of your choice. Yes slow runs with no particular direction in mind do free up the mind to wander where it will. When you are away with the fairies, as it were, you don't notice the distance being chewed up do you. I like that part of it. You wander where you've been in the intervening minutes. Better than medicine I'd say

    I hope your knee gets better soon! Cool runnings to you Man of Kent

  • Thanks it was nice this morning it was the whiff of muck spreading got me thinking still can't wind up to 100 % but hey I not running a marathon just trying to improve my health and be happy at the same time

  • You are making a good comeback. I was born and and raised within a stone's throw of the beach but haven't lived there for over 36 years. This morning I ran by the sea. Wonderful.

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