Great respect to you country runners (Cars and flies :S)

Great respect to you country runners (Cars and flies :S)

I've just come back from my camping holiday on the beautiful Solway coast in Scotland. I had planned to run twice whilst I was away but only managed 1 short run yesterday (I did cycle 12-14 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so I'm hoping this makes up for my lack of running this week!). The picture is from the start of my run, downhill for the first half to the coast and by the time I'd turned around to come back since the road ended I was starting to get quite sweaty due to the heat from the sun. On the way back up the hill I had to dive into the hedgerow to avoid a car and was attacked by flies because a) I was going too slowly up hill and b) I was covered in nice sweat they wanted to slurp :( Needless to say being a 'townie' although the views aren't as nice I much prefer to run where I have pavements to keep me separate from cars (having to get into a ditch a few times every run must get pretty annoying let alone a little unsafe) and where I won't be gobbled alive by flies! (Wish they'd stuck to bothering the cows!) I did leave my run a little shorter than I would have liked due to the flies and cars, it just made something that is hard enough at the best of times all the more uncomfortable!

Any tips in case I ever venture out running when I'm on holiday in the country again much appreciated!

Will be going out for a long run on Monday to make up for the massive pizza I just ate with fizz to accompany as tomorrow is a PJ day before I moan about having to go back to work ;)

Happy running all and I hope this time this gets posted (new site playing silly bu**ers with me *sigh*)


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  • That picture was the right way up before posting........mutter.....grumble.....moan....... :P

  • One way to stop the flies bugging you is to run with your mouth open, you get to guzzle them instead of the other way round, not that I'm recommending it though.

    Note to self: MUST learn to run with mouth SHUT!

  • Lol, not sure I'd want to eat them knowing where they've been, free protein though ;)

  • Sounds like an eventful run if a little dangerous :)

  • I am a country runner!I tend to run across fields and have learnt to cope with flies. I do a short distance on country lane and have met cars a few times. It is a bit stressful but keep music quiet/off so you can hear them before I see them and depending on their speed either hop out the way or just keep going! Country running is a lonely affair. I often dont see a soul.

  • I turned my music waaaaaaaaay down so I could here everything (didn't want to be caught sneakily by a car :) ) I'll have to ask the farmer who owns the campsite where there are some good trails next time!

  • Catkin is right, you townies are obsessed by prepared surfaces. You need to get off road and onto footpaths or forest tracks. I often see no body for miles on end when I am running and wouldn't have it any other way.

    Keep running ,keep smiling.

  • You're right, I guess I was subconsciously just thinking about the road as being the only running surface when there are probably lots of great trails across the fields, will ask the farmer who owns the campsite next time. Will probably need a pair of trail shoes though as all I have are road runners :)

  • I'd second the idea of finding a nice footpath rather than using a road. Bridleways are often even better as they tend to be a bit wider to let horses through, and sometimes have flatter more even surfaces too. OS maps are your friend!

  • Ooooo an OS map, why didn't I think of that, I feel like Homer Simpson DO'H ;) don't think there are any bridleways around but I'm sure there are some field routes. I think I need to plan better next time!

  • Hi,

    I regularly run on open roads and across country tracks. There's nothing wrong with either but the simple fact about running on roads is that you absolutely have to put safety first. Wear hi-vis clothing, run so that you face the traffic and leave the headphones at home. You need to be able to react quickly and you can't do that if Pavarotti is screaming Nessun Dorma in your ear. Don't take risks and don't try and outrun a car - you can't. Use your eyes and ears and think about things from a drivers point of view and do your best to be seen. Choose your times wisely - running on unlit roads from dusk onwards adds risk.

    It's not all bad news - all my best times and longest distances have, largely, been set on the open road. Just take care, that's all.

  • Hi Rob, thanks for the advice, I didn't go headphone free but I did turn it waaaaaay down from where it normally is so I could hear everything. Will think more about how a driver would see me, the road wasn't wide enough to do the run towards the traffic on the wrong side as it was single lane but I suppose if I'd positioned myself depending on the bend for maximum visibility that would have been better. I'd never of considered going out in the dark, that'd be mental! :)

  • Well consider yourself lucky. I often run along a country lane. I frequently have to tiptoe over the sheep/cow/horse poo and if it's wet, the slugs and worms!

  • I certainly do consider myself lucky, running in the country is a minefield!

  • Was it flies or midgies plaguing you, as Avon Skin So Soft oil spray is the best thing you can use to deter midges etc. Forget your expensive fancy stuff, this stuff works, smells lovely and it about Β£2.50 a bottle x

  • Flies :( the kind that like smelly cow poo ;) but thank for the tip on the Avon stuff, will get some for those trips to the country when the midges like to attack! (That stuff with Deet in is awful!)

  • If you want to run in the country, look for footpaths, woods which are open to the public and nature reserves - I'd second the Tea Fairy's advice about OS maps, but definitely ask a local too: they might know which footpath goes through a field of frisky bullocks, or that a wood with no footpaths marked is pretty much open access (whereas another one is policed by a demon gamekeeper who will appear on a quad bike the second you stray from the dotted line).

    As for footwear, I just use a pair of pretty ordinary Nike trainers.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks for the advice :)

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