W4R1 completed!

Hey guys/gals,

Well, I managed to find a place to start my week 4 off and I actually managed to complete the run early this evening without any problems too! :)

I drove a few miles from my sisters house in the small village down to the large Asda car park in Hayle. There, I ran out onto the main road and up the road that runs parallel with the estuary. When the pathway ran out, I turned around and headed back, then completed the run by running around the edge of the car park and harbourside.

It is true what they say, you really do build up enough stamina to do all what is required despite those doubts that you have it in you.

I was pleasantly surprised how I managed to complete it and that feels great! Yes, it was tough and my lower legs were aching like mad but I actually felt like it was all doing me good and I felt quite good after I completed it.

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  • Well done Lee, I know you was worried about this one. You'll probably start finding some runs are easier than others, and there'll be no reason for it. Enjoy the good ones and don't beat yourself up if you have bad ones. Each one is getting you fitter. I also suffer with pains in my lower legs and have done since week 1. Stretching after a run helps, and carrying my belly doesn't help. Stick with it buddy, but it sounds like you've got the running bug and you'll be hitting half an hour non stop soon

  • Thanks MrBob!

    Yeah, I was a bit concerned about stepping up to week 4 but like you say, each week is designed to push you just enough to get you fitter and enable you to run for longer each week. So far it is going to plan, so I am happy.

    As for carrying your belly...couldn't you ask somebody else to carry it for you!? lol

    Cheers mate! :)

  • Well done. That's so encouraging! Glad you managed it, especially as you, like me, were a bit doubtful.

  • Cheers mate! :)

    Yeah, seriously you will have no problem in completing w4r1, just have faith in it. You've already done enough to build up your stamina that will enable you to complete it. I'm not saying you will find it a breeze, as it will be challenging, but that's the idea isn't it? Best of luck with it anyway!

  • Thanks!

  • Go you! It's a great feeling when you've been anxious about a run and it turns out fine isn't it. Getting that first one in gives you the confidence for the next ones. It's half and half with the physical and mental battle sometimes. Well done and enjoy the next one :)

  • Thanks again McFitty!

    Yeah, I was quite anxious about starting this week 4 but pleasantly surprised with how I managed to get through it without too much of a problem. It certainly does give my confidence a massive boost when it comes to completing the week and moving on to week 5 in around 6 days time if I can stick to same regime. :)

  • Ah sounds amazing!! I am due to start week four tonight (if weather permits!) go you!! woop woop x

  • Thanks Hannah27. :)

    I hope you successfully complete your run tonight. x

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