W4R1 ✅

Up and out early this morning, keen to complete this run. The streets were in darkness and I was nervous so I decided to take you all along with me to boost my confidence. I managed the first 3 mins quite easily and was apprehensive about the next 5. I haven't run that far before. MJ assured me I could do it so took Old Floss advice and took it nice and slow and to my amazement I did it. Once the half time bell rang there was no stop in me. I'd got this far and I was going to finish this run. Yes, the last five minutes weren't easy but I did it. So pleased with myself 🙋🏻


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21 Replies

  • Fantastic! And what a great way to start your weekend as well!!

  • Thanks. I am buzzing for the day 😀

  • You are well on your wau physically and mentally. I think the first two weeks are hardest as you feel apprehensive after that you begin to realise tou can do it. WELL DONE

  • Thanks. I appreciate the comments. Can't wait for Run 2

  • Well done, brilliant, I hope I feel like that next week when I do this run

  • I'm sure you will. I had to give myself a good talking to this morning before I left. I didn't believe I could do it so had to get my positive pants on. If I can do it anyone can. 😀

  • Thanks, bit like me and that Hill this morning!

  • That's fantastic! I've still got run 3 of week3 to do, but in a weird way I'm looking forward to pushing myself in the next week, if you asked me a year ago if I thought I'd be saying that I'm enjoying running, I'd have laughed my head off! But here I am with you lovely lot, getting out there and loving running! Well done, and have a fab weekend with that amazing sense of achievement fresh in your mind! 😊

  • Thank you. I'm so happy 😁

  • That's brilliant well done you rock 🏃‍♀️

  • Thank you. I'm feeling good 😊

  • Congratulations. I bet you feel amazing now!! I've got my final run of week 3 tomorrow due to illness at the weekend and then will be on to week 4 run 1 next week. I am apprehensive also about 5 mins but your success has inspired me. Keep up the good work 😀

  • Thanks. Yes I wasn't looking forward to the five minutes but the weeks you have done before will prepare you for it. You can do it 😀

  • You're my inspiration!! I've got W3R2 today, eek!

  • Go for it. You can do it. Have a great run 🏃

  • Well done you! As the runs start to get longer, your smile starts to get wider I think :) Great to see that slow and steady is paying off :) Keep going, you're doing great!

  • Very, very well done indeed. Out there and enjoying it too. You are doing wonderfully!

    What a wonderful start to your day :)

  • Well done TJM for going for it so early, great start to the day.

  • Well done TJMazz, what an achievement! You should be super proud of yourself. I am doing that run tomorrow & I hope I have the same determination as you!

  • Go for it. You can do it 👍

  • Really well done, I have just finished week 2 and sometimes have doubts about being ever able to run the longer distances, posts like yours make me realise that I can so It!!

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