Not a chance!!!

For all the people who ask whether or not to take extra rest days, don't worry just do it.

There is no chance whatsoever I am going out for a run today. I am absolutely shattered and I don't feel bad about missing out.

I was planning on it but I had a very long day yesterday. 260 road miles and 900 air miles between Gloucester and Fochabers in the far north west of Scotland.

I think , (no I know) if I went out now for a run I wouldn't make it or would pull a muscle of some sort.

On another note - I had half an hour to kill before heading back to the airport and spent it sitting on a beach looking out for the dolphins up there in the Moray Firth. Not sure what's happened to me but I need to go back with my running gear someday. What a place it looked like for a run. I'm jealous of all of you that live near the coast. I can picture running along the coast with the dolphins swimming along side. Apparently they come really close to the shore of your lucky enough to see them (I didn't, only a seal).

Anyway my point was rest if you need to rest a never ever feel bad about it. Happy running and resting :)!!!


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  • These sound like wise words!

    I agree about there being something special about running near the coast. I did this during the holidays in Puglia, following a beautiful coastal road, and it felt as if the sea "kept me company". The fresh air and feeling of openness were exhilarating. The coastline of the Moray Firth is magnificent, very wild and remote.

  • I love Italy, don't know where Puglia is but the Amalfi coast is on my bucket list. You should watch the film Moana, sounds exactly like what you just described:))!!!

  • The children have been keen to see Moana so I guess we will be watching it when they come back to Rome! It's set in Polynesia or similar, isn't it?

    Puglia is a fairly large region in the south which takes in the heel of the boot, up to and including the spur. We go right down to near the lowest point. The coast is wonderful there and very varied.

    The Amalfi coast is spectacular - much hillier there though! Definitely worth a visit - just not in August, when the world and his dog are also there and prices soar, like anywhere on the Italian coast really.

  • Reluctantrunner76....I ABSOLUTELY agree...I've had an extra day this week as I went to a funeral yesterday so didn't feel like it...nor could I squeeze it in but I have been for a run this morning and after 3 practice runs at W5R3 I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT!!! So listen to your bodies....take extra days when you need to, it won't undo anything you've already done & when you get out there, enjoy it.....running along the coast sounds idyllic...jealous much!!!

  • Well done on finishing week 5. I saw you were having a "bit of a to do" with it. You've proved to yourself even if something is hard your perseverance will get you through. Will stand you in good stead:)!!!

  • Yes I agree about extra rest days ,I have had a busy work week and I am tired . I did my runs as a commute this week and my wk 6 r 3 was yesterday,I found it tough and this is because I was on the last day of my Rota and was shattered . So I'm leaving my next run till Sunday. Yes coastal runs are something else , a few years back I used to run regularly in icmeler in Turkey it was a big part of my holiday and I'll never forget them morning runs by the sea .

  • Sounds lovely. I might need to move to the coast, Gloucester is in the middle of nowhere. Good if you like countryside and fields!!!

  • Like you Rockette I live as far from the sea as it's possible to get in England, so when I get near the sea these days I am going to run!

    I just ran on the IOW. Absolutely lovely! Few weeks before that up In Saltburn on the beach and Redcar Parkrun. I think running by the sea could be my new hobby πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Countryside and fields! Ace! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Couldn't agree more. I took extra days many times, especially during the later weeks of the plan, sometimes because I was too tired and sometimes because I'd tweaked something and didn't want to push my luck. You just have to do what is right for you and work at your own pace and your own body's abilities. πŸ˜€

  • Yep, another vote for taking the extra rest if you feel you need it, you know yourselves especially after some weeks of the plan! By this time you're also addicted so you also know you're going to get back to it after the extra rest :D - I think this is what's happened to you reluctantrunner76 when you look out at the beautiful scenery and think "this could be even better if I was running along it". You're an addicted runner now.

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