A good run this morning, wasn't too bad. Quite enjoyed the longer runs, as I felt I could get a rhythm going. Don't really like this stop-and-go stuff. Even at school on the dreaded cross-country runs I always knew the run was pretty much over once I'd made my first stop, I could never get back into it again. Today I even pushed on the last two minutes and felt like a runner (after all the run was nearly over and it didn't matter if I tired myself out). Also think I'm dressed too warmly, winter seems to be over here! Looking forward to the next run on Saturday.


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  • That's an early run!

  • I live in Germany. We're an hour ahead of you! Out of the house before 6. If I don't do it then I probably won't do it at all!

  • Brilliant.. well done you!

    I feel ( for me anyway) it is better to be over warm initially.. they are cold mornings.. back in the minuses here this morning...

    You are doing fine.. enjoy your next run!

  • I am the same, once the walk breaks finished, I could get into the flow. I would rather plod on slowly and just run. Even now, I refuse to do any walking, feels like a fail to me even if people say it helps with longer runs, I am stubborn I guess LOL. Julie 😀

  • Know what you mean. I hate it when I have to stop for a car, or when a dog decides it needs to chase me. Spoils the rhythm completely. And anything where you walk feels like cheating. But I'm going to do this 5k lark by the book! And maybe I will get faster (can hardly get slower!). There are the first signs that MAYBE I'm a little faster than I used to be. Will have to see when the runs get a little longer. Been running on and off for years, but never very fast, never any improvement and often a chore. I want to crack it this time. And will!

  • I trust the C25k programme completely because it worked so well for me and following Laura is totally the right thing to do but the moment in the programme when it is blocks of running are amazing and by that time, it felt right to just run! Well done for getting so far and the best is yet to come!!

  • Actually I'm looking forward to it! Very strange to look forward to being out-of-breath, knackered and sore! But I do, because I get the feeling I might not be quite so out-of-breath etc as I think! Thanks to Laura and the amazing encouragement on this site!

  • I always breathe well - slowly and deeply - and at a comfortable pace so I am never out of breath as such. I have run 10k a few times too and only run as far and fast as is comfortable. As your fitness improves, it becomes more fun and less pain! Something to really look forward to 😀

  • Well done - sounds as if you're doing really well!

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