Couch to 5K

Run 2 Week 1 done yay!!

So I woke up at 05.30 - yeah thanks cat and decided I could put off the deed till later or bite the bullet and get out of bed and do my run. Looked out of the window and its a beautiful day, blue sky, sun shining and even better not windy! So here I am all done and feeling FAB!! So pleasd with myself. Amazed in fact at my new found athletic prowess ha!!

Went to my quiet country lane again and managed to get honked at by a load of blokes in a van. Which makes me hope my new sports bra ordered online arives soon - the old one is clearly not doing its job! Then horror I met a real runner coming towards me. He only nodded and ran by. Then a farmer waved at me from his tractor. That could be the bra again.

Really enjoyed it today and on a couple of occasions the 60 second run was over too quick and I could have gone on a bit further. I feel really proud of myself, all buzzy!

Just needed to share!

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Congratulations my lovely. Getting up at 5:30, you may have "the bug". Glad you had a good run, on a great day. Fingers crossed for your sports bra, ligaments not muscles and all that.

keep us posted xx


Ahh thank you, think it was more luck than judgement that woke me up so early, and an attention seeking moggie who decided it was breakfast time but it was definitely a nice time to run so may set my alarm next time. Only thing is I ache in places I didnt think possible - am hoping it gets better as my body starts getting used to this after so long with no exercise at all. x


Lol. I know what you mean about aches. A different group of muscles hurt me after each run until about wk2r3. I did find though that I am recovering much more quickly with each run. Only on wk3, run 3 tomorrow, so I'm not really a fountain of knowledge on the subject.


Haha, this post made me laugh. Hope your bra arrives soon :-) I got mine from sports direct and its so sturdy I struggle getting it off and on, especially when I'm a bit sweaty afterwards. Anyway! I'm on week 1 again, 3rd week running. I really struggle with the 60 minute runs so I'm not ready for week 2 yet! The aches and pains are getting the better of me. Keep running - your doing so well. xx


Hmm I'm hoping you mean 60 second runs- I've not signed up for anything a strenuous as a 60 minuter ;) !!!

And yes my bra arrived today. Yep it was a struggle getting into it and I did a bit of bouncing around the bedroom and everything was very well clamped down so heres hoping it might deter those pesky van men and their honky horns!

Keep going chick I'm determined to get there, we'll do it together and with all the lovely people on here xx


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