Newbie about to start W2!


I'm a newbie to C25K and have completed W1's runs. My legs felt like lead but I completed them and feel excited to continue. I am really hoping my excitement doesn't wain because I have a tendency to let my will power slip.

Just a question... how do you guys stick to your running schedules with very busy routines? I am currently on the summer hols (I'm a primary school teacher) and I also have a very active almost 2 year old! Just hoping to stick with it when I'm back to the routine of work and everything else!


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  • Welcome and well done on making a start. This a great program and the excitement at achieving a bit more every week helps keep you motivated - along with the support of this forum. Have a plan for the days you want to run but be prepared to alter times if life gets in the way. But trust me - once you get the bug it has to be a big bit of life to deflect you from running πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thanks for your reply! I've got the days that I think will work best and hopefully they will when September swings round!

    I'm already feeling very positive about it and am enjoying looking on the forum.. it's great motivation!

  • Certainly is. You know you have the motivation but this forum is really good at reminding you of that when you have a wobble. Not sure I would have got this far without it πŸ˜€

  • Well done making a start. I was where you are this time last year, and sometimes you miss a run , but this program and the people on the forum are so supportive. If you feel your will power waining come back onto the forum and you will feel positive again. Enjoy week 2, let us know how your doing !

  • Thank you! I will :)

  • Hi, welcome to the group :-) I just have to make the time. I work from home and don't have children so that helps! :-/ but alas when I am not at my desk working, I am not earning. I want to make the time as improving my health is most important to me.

    All the best :-)

  • You're absolutely right, it's about making a high priority!

  • Hi welcome and well done on completing week 1. It is hard sometimes fitting it all in isn't it. I find early mornings work better for me, in the week I set the alarm for 4.50 out the door at 5. I know not everyone is a morning person. I may change this routine once the winter is upon us, but it's been easier to run in with the hot weather.

  • Wow! That's excellent dedication! That might be something to consider... although I'd be afraid to wake up my toddler in the process!

  • Hi and thanks for posting this. I think I've worked out the days that I'll run, but my schedule is busy, especially at this time of year! Hopefully the further into the programme I get, the easier it'll be to stick to a routine. I'm finding evening runs work for me, and are helping to switch off from work :-)

  • Yes, definitely agree with the evening runs! And I agree about the getting further into the programme... by that point it should be feeling part of the routine.

    Are you doing C25K as a previous runner or no running experience? The last time I did it was at school but I've just become gradually more and more unfit (and put on weight) as I've got older and post-baby!

  • I ran at school too, but that was years ago, so I'm really a beginner. I've found it ok so far, but I'm fully expecting it to get harder as the weeks go on!

  • Hi delzabelza!

    I am also a primary school teacher enjoying the summer holidays! I talked a couple of friends at work into starting the program and twice a week we plodded around the school field.begore breaking up for summer. We didn't move on to the new weekly program each week ( ie did weeks 1-3 for a couple of weeks each). Each session only takes approx 30 mins and I could spend that in the staff room having a cuppa before going to do the stuff I needed to do before going homeπŸ˜‰.

    If school stuff got in the way, I'd get up and run before school. I do prefer early morning runs, it makes me feel really positive about the day ahead 😊

  • That's sounds really good and motivational that you've got some colleagues on board!

    At school we have been doing the daily mile (run/walk) which it feels like I struggle with and part of the reason I'm starting this programme. Everyone at school is much fitter than me and quite sporty!

    I think I've got an idea of a running schedule when work starts again.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays - going quickly isn't it!!

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