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Got to start sometime


I think I am having a midlife crisis!! My approaching 45th birthday has sent me into a panic.....and I now need to do something about getting fit and losing weight (a lot of weight actually).

I used to play a lot of sport at school (which was obviously some time in the dark ages) but even when I was fit I hated downloading C25K was such an obvious move......NOT!

Last Wednesday, using the podcast, I completed the first run of week 1. Thankfully I saw no-one I knew as I looked like I was going to have a heart attack...and felt that way too. I have to say I felt like I accomplished something but I hated every minute of it.

After some rubbish weather...and plenty of procrastination.... today I started again using the app. On a positive note, it felt slightly easier....and I mean very very slightly easier and I completed it...BUT I still hated every minute if it.

I'm hoping it gets better and I start to not hate it as much.

Fingers crossed - since they appear to be the only part of my body not aching right now :-)

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Hi there. Very similar position here!! Except am 46! I deliberately light jog up a farm road in case I run into anyone with my wheezing and run face. But still doing it, as are you! So well done and keep going. 👍👍👍

Sooz31Graduate in reply to 18Windmill

Thanks for the reply....think it helps knowing others feel the same. We can do this!


Welcome and well done.

Please read the guide to the plan and you will probably realise that you are going too fast.

Keep us posted.


Brilliant!! Well done! Yes, when you start seeing actual changes in your body you'll start to love it 🤣 then you'll be hooked!

You've made a great start. This programme is fantastic and it teaches you more than just how to run.

Keep up the good work👍😁


I’ve just graduated (I’m 41) started having never exercised in my life!! I did walk a lot though and I think that helped. Maybe you could do some walking on your rest days?

Anyway, combined with a bit of careful eating, I’m now a stone lighter and my waist 2 inches smaller!! (I wasn’t overweight as such before, but feel much better now!)

I’m not sure I love the running still, but I’m definitely hooked on the post run highs!!

Best of luck, you can do it!

Sooz31Graduate in reply to Seasidepanda

Well done on your graduation.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I actually walk quite a lot anyway as I have 2 daft dogs that need plenty of exercise so will keep doing that.


Walking is a brilliant lead-in to the programme. Aim to walk more, not just dogs, but in general

C25k is brilliant and is a life-changer. Fat to fit! It’s free and you get a coach. Better than medicine 👍


I’m 55. Felt EXACTLY the same last January as you do now. But I pushed through it and graduated in March. I’d never run more than 50 seconds until I started this program. It really does work. 👍🏼


I absolutely ruddy hated it for the first few weeks!! Turned a corner around week5/6 but as Seasidepanda says still not loving it. What I do love is the fact that I kept going through the awful weeks and how I feel mentally and physically in between runs. The alternative is returning to the couch and getting fatter and unfitter and we have all chosen not to do that. Keep going no matter what, don't overthink and the positive thoughts will start to come. We are all with you.

Hi Sooz - I'm just about to start again and 44. We can do this! :-)

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