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W2 done...Tips for w3? (Forum newbie!)

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So I'm slow joining the forum, I've completed the first two weeks of this app and am looking for advice for week 3. I have looked ahead and have seen the jump from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. I wondered if anyone had any tips on succeeding with this jump?

I have opened up to the possibility that this may be a week I do twice, and all help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

W3 is just another week and the runs you have done up til now have prepared you for it.

Just take it nice and slow and you will be fine.

Enjoy the journey.

Thank you! I did have a read through and it was very helpful! I'm going to take some time to go through the links properly too.

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Week 3 is the week I realised people aren't kidding when they say 'slow down.' If you listen to that advice, the step up is fine.

Thank you! I shall keep that in mind!

Honestly, you won’t need to do the week twice. Promise.

I’m due to finish week 4 tomorrow, so I wasn’t doing week 3 that long ago :)

Week 3 is fine, just take it slow and steady and don’t think of it as a big jump. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how slow you are.

I think the best thing about the app is the fact that you don’t have to keep track of the time, it does it for you. The trainer will say when you’re halfway through the first 3 minutes and when you’ve got a minute left in the second one.

It’s just the same advice as it is for EVERY week and EVERY run. Just take it as slow as you need to, hydrate well beforehand.

Honestly you’ll be fine, even if you don’t complete a run, just repeat that run on your next running day, not the whole week. It’s not necessary. I had a little doubt that I wasn’t ready for week 4, but I did the first run on Thursday and was fine, the run went a lot better than I expected.

Just keep going through, focus on one run at a time, not one week. Like I said, if you don’t complete one run, look at it as a practice and repeat that particular run, nothing else. You’ll be fine, but good luck :)

That is great to hear and definitely makes me feel more confident about next week! Thank you for the helpful advice, and it's good to know they let you know when you're halfway through the 3 minute runs. I'm definitely going to drop my pace at the very least for the first run of the week. I'll judge it from there and maybe up it slightly for the other two.

Thank you!

No worries! The other thing is I actually found that the week three runs seem to go pretty quickly, I think it’s because you only run 4 times so before you know it you’re already half way through :)

You’ll be fine!

That's good to hear!

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Just in week four. Week three is doable but you are fitter so it is really easy to go too fast. I loathed my first run of week 3. I did it but didn’t enjoy it, all because I went too fast!

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MissKitty24 in reply to Flowell

Thank you for your honesty! I'll make sure to start off at a slower pace and see how I go.

Like you I have just started Wk3 the 90 sec run was ok at my normal pace but the 3 min I decided to slow down which worked. So it is certainly a case of slow start STRONG finish

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MissKitty24 in reply to Numpty3

Glad it went well for you!

I might give that a try. Slower definitely seems to be key here.

I'm doing my first run of this week tomorrow.

So just to update you guys. I succeeded in my first run of week 3! I took it slow as you all kindly advised. It wasnt so bad and I'm really pleased with how it went. Thank you all


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