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W5 R3 done and dusted

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Well am amazed after struggling through 60secs five weeks ago earlier this morning I did the full 20 mins and 2.8km. I felt a bit bad turning laura off after warm up but listened to my own music for a change and put on the new and unuded Garmin. First look was 7 mins, then 13 then a slightly panicky 17 mins then 20:20! At 13 mins Eminem came on with 'Lose Yourself' a great paced track as I was flagging a bit and helped to me slow down slightly then just as I finished the deep smooth voice of Barry White says.."We got it together, didn't we?" From Your my first, my last, my everything which made me smile. Got home and put Laura on just to hear her say you've done it... :-) can't quite get my head around it!

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Fantastic Beelady. A big well done to you. 🌟

Great job and well done! I know who would have thought 5 weeks ago we would have been running for 20 mins right? Never done it in my life so I'm still in awe a week later :D get some well deserved rest look forward to the last 3 weeks :D

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Having done this with Laura this morning, I'm not sure whether I like her giving me updates on the time or not. I could have done without the first 5 minute one and probably the half way, although she does give a pep-talk then. But I did like the final timings as I was a bit out on my assumptions of where I should have got to on my route.

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SleepySlothGraduate in reply to SleepySloth

Oops, forgot to say "Well Done!" It is brilliant to have got this far!

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BeeladyGraduate in reply to SleepySloth

To be honest I'm glad today I did it without as I felt better ouch ing myself on without knowing the time and then rewarding myself with a peak when I was struggling. I will go back to Laura for the run/walk ones this week then probably use my own music and no laura for the long one again as it worked for me today

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Well done!

Oh well done - running with Barry White too - what a great feeling :-)

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Brilliant! Whatever works for you is whatever works for you and it's definitely working😊This is a biggy that you've just cracked, won't be long now, and you'll be staring week 9 in the face. Huge well done!

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It is an amazing feeling and you need to relish it, as it is you that made it happen. Happy you - yea! 🙋🏼

That's brilliant! Well done you. Music plays a big part in helping my runs too.

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