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Run Two, Week One!

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Well I completed my W1R2 this evening. Took my hubby with me to the local beach. He had this idea to run on the sand, less impact he said. I guess it was less impact but the wind was flaming hard especially as we were running into it. Did the 2nd 60 secs and then turned around so the wind was behind us to complete the rest of the 30 minutes. I loved it despite the fact my calfs now feel like they've been trampled on 😝

Note the cheesy smile for just completing my run πŸ‘

13 Replies
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Well done! Running on sand is a lot more difficult than pavement or park and you would have burned a lot more calories :-)


Great stuff and you are so lucky to have such a supportive OH 😊

Here's to the next run πŸ‘


Wow, not doing it the easy way are you? Except that running in beautiful places, especially by the sea is very good for the psychological elements of learning to run.


What a fab pic! And grand that your OH in it this with you :) Onward and onward. Look forward to hearing about the next one!

Thanks for all the lovely support guys. I'm off today to buy a foam roller (not the type that goes in your hair mind). Apparently it's excellent for relieving/rolling out the pain! Cheers πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ


Yeah very well done! Less impact, but can definitely imagine more effort needed to run on sand, keep it up!


Well done. Running on sand is hard but lovely.

If you have aching muscles, getting into a good stretching regime after runs really helps with the stiffness.

Foam rollers work well but it is an exquisite form of agony!


Glad you got off to a good start. Maybe try grass or tracks as alternative to pavement? Sand will be hard work but will build up lots of muscle and stamina I think! Keep going and keep posting on here.☺

Well done and lovely photo! Running on sand is really hard work, it sucks out all the energy from your legs - grass is much easier and a bit more cushiony than hard roads. I've just done week 1 run 3 with my OH - second time round with C25K for me (having had a nasty fracture earlier this year), first time for him.


Lovely pic and well done on the run! Road/park running will be a doddle after running on sand!


Ah lovely photo !

Running on sand is sooo hard , Well done ! :-) xxx


Well done, what a lovely place to run xx


Go on! Well done you, and brilliant pic/post...onward, on you go, go on!

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