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That was one windy run!

I headed out about half 6 this morning for my week 6 run 1 run and after reading previous posts on this run I wanted to take it steady to ensure that the run didn't get the better of me. My hubby ran with me again today and as we set off we both realised that this was going to be quite challenging with the wind in our face. Run 1 was ok but the wind kept taking my breath away so I was glad of the walking break. Run 2 my calves started tightening and I was really worried that it would get worse but luckily by the end of the run when I had slowed to walking it eased off. The last run was fine but I think that was because of the wind being behind me.

I am glad I have done it but it was so tough battling against those strong winds. Hopefully by New Year's Day the wind and rain has eased up a bit so that my wk6r2 is less of a struggle.

Good luck to everyone heading out for a run today in that horrible weather.

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Well done for getting out there- I wanted to go this morning but chickened out and went out this afternoon when things had calmed down a bit!


We don't seem to be getting much of a break from the bad weather lately do we? It's so hit and miss with when the best time to go for a run is. Saying that I would rather the wind and rain than frost and ice.


Very interesting to read this Jenner78. Well done. It sounds like you coped with it really well, so congrats for that.

This is weather is NOT conducive to venturing outside, but for those who do......the rewards are ENORMOUS!!!


It was tough but I managed although my pace was extremely slow.


Glad you got out, I chickened out of going outside and went to the gym so extra well done to you


I think if my hubby hadn't volunteered to accompany me I would have probably waited until it eased up. I felt very refreshed when I got home lol!


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