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B210K Week One Run Two


Fantastic run! Only hard for the first 10 minutes, the rest was quite easy! But boy, am I slow! Those of you who understand the complexities of physics can look me up on Garmin ;-)

But, I really don't care, I'm on such a high on a beautiful sunny Italian morning. Swans, rabbits and catkins -- wonderful!

Off to work now, :-(

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Hey, Delia, well done! Sounds a lovely run too with swans, rabbits and catkins! I was in the garden yesterday (more knackering than running) and saw 1) a big bumble-bee and 2) a ladybird, which, together with daffodils being out at last must mean spring is here.

We're at about the same stage with B210k. I'm kind of on week 3 but keep doing hour-long runs with my friend where we do a little walk after about 30 minutes, usually to get up a seriously hilly bit, so I count those too.

Was thinking about you and hoping things are better than they were a couple of months ago. Sounds like you are feeling full of the joys of spring, so that's very, very good. Xx Sue

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Soozz

Hey Sue, great to see you!

Dad has totally lost it. Yesterday we brought him round for lunch (he is now in a wheelchair) and the minute he got here, he wanted to go home again. We took him home. After half an hour he wanted to go "home" again -- he meant to my place. We took him back and, guess what? He soon wanted to go back again. We took him home where he immediately wanted to go back to my place again but we made him stay till the carer came back . It was her day off.

Anyhows. Life goes on and than goodness for running! And Spring!

SoozzGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Poor you, very distressing for you. And also your poor Dad. Big hugs. Xx


Sounds lovely - but how long is that run and what does it entail?

Sunny here but cooler than previously. I saw cormorants, egrets and a rampant wisteria in full bloom when out this morning. And yesterday went to my daughter's soon-to-be 'new' house, which has been untouched and empty for 20 years, but used to belong to a keen horticulturist and professional camellia grower. Amazing overgrown gardens with dozens of camellias as big as trees, huge magnolias and all sorts of interesting plants and shrubs hidden in the tangled growth. Looking forward to seeing what appears from within there.

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Landesman

Oh, my, that garden sounds - just amazing! I am very jealous! I am green with envy and itching green fingers (to go with the legs!) :D


As I said I'm really really slow but this is it:


As you can see I did 4 x 10 minute runs interspersed by 1 minute walking ( a bit week six-ish).

I did just over 5 K :-P But for me that's good. I'm not aiming to do a marathon -- yet!


Glad to read your running is still going well, I know all about slow - still off running so have been swimming and I swear I'm almost stationary, pensioners zip by me all the while having conversations! :-)

Best wishes about your dad's situation, he's lucky to have such a good daughter.

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to notbad

Hey there! Nice to see all my old mates popping up!

Have you seen that 95 year old on the Couch website that does skipping and swimming? Check her out :-D


What a lovely blog!! :-)

Glad you're enjoying the programme. Although how could you not on such a glorious day?


Ate out in the garden for the first time this year too!

Must say I am in absolute awe of all the marathon runners - 42K! Wow! At my current pace, given I could keep going, that would take me about 8 hours :-D

greenlegsGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

That made me laugh - 8 hours! (Me too.) What a horrible thought! :)


Sounds such a gorgeous run Delia! :) Running in sunshine with the beauty of nature around really helps to take our minds off of other troubling things in our lives so I am so glad to hear how fantastic it was for you! Hope you have lots more and today we join you with sunshine and 20c in the South East!! I see another run with my sunnies later! 8-)

Sue x

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