Went to a well known German outlet this morning. Queuing outside door, tbh. Spent a not huge amount on loads of lovely gear. Came home, drank tea, took dog out for a brisk hour. More tea. Did an hour Pilates class wearing new gear (nearly late, as so much to choose from). More tea, then 30 min run plus warm up/ cool down walks. Moral is : buying new gym wear definitely good for your health. Think there is a bottle in the fridge with my name on it!

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  • While you were elegantly stretching through your pilates, I think I burned about 600 calories wrestling with those damned sports bras :-D

  • Have just replied below the box. Oh dear. Perhaps have had enough exertion for one day. You made me realise I actually ran in mine and it was fine, so that's great. Funny image you paint. They are pesky Blighters to get into and out of!

  • One I didn't even get into, but I would have passed the job spec for a contortionist!

  • Ah, always good to have an alternative career in the wings if needed!

  • I didn't even go to the bustenhalter section! Far too many nifty ladies!

    Did my get in there with the Capri pants and tops - sleeveless or caps, oh well one of each.

    What neat little rucksacks! Ooh! Socks - and they all fit in the rucksack........... "All I came out with was the bag dear", you can fit a lot in it! " Really " says he 😏 Better get the boys to swimming, hey ho.......

  • Well done! My daughter went this afternoon and said it was an elbow ready free for all. She beat a retreat!

  • the first one I tried on nearly took my eyes out. It was obviously a little on the small side, the hooks couldn't hold together and pinged apart:-) Thought I'd broken it so couldn't even send it back. I can now wear it so I know it was just down to excessive stress !!

  • Yes, getting into them definitely produces an adrenaline Rush. Or maybe, is cortisol?

  • Ha ha! Know what you mean. And you've just made me realised that I just ran in mine and it was fine!

  • OK So Hubby is home with my Lidl running selection. Yippeeee! I have my first ever complete running kit. 2 Capri, 2 leggings, 1 vest, 2 shirts, 2 sock (pairs of course!) and the shoes. Best of all they are size medium and they fit :-)

    I didn't realise the running gear would feel so much better on my legs the cotton ones I've been wearing. I can't wait to get out there and try them on Saturday. Bit apprehensive about the tight tops though - not sure I can subject the public to that just yet.

  • Running tops are tight to minimise friction. Honest. Anyway, you're a runner so just go for it πŸ™‚

  • Oh, he sounds like a Keeper!

  • Ooh! sounds lovely, what a haul, you will be bounding along in all that Lycra, nothing moving but your fast little feet! I just ran up stairs in the capris and they feel good. One pair has a zippy pocket and one just a little hide hole at the front of the waistband.

    Think I'll go see the chickens and run around the garden to test the other pair that look like a Jackson Pollock painting.......

  • I didn't know about the hidey holes and pocket. Just been to find them. Wow. I do like how slippy they feel - hadn't realised quite how much friction there was on the old ones. Not sure about my fast feet though πŸ˜€

    You have chickens too - do you spoil yours like I do mine ? 😜

  • Would love chickens, but not sure about the dog. We have four of them at school and they have more character than I would ever have thought. All different and the children love them!

  • I adore my chickens - impossible not to smile at them even though given half a chance they will eat every plant I love. My dogs have a very healthy respect for their sharp end having been pecked on the nose but can often be found trying to sniff the other end!! I have black labs though and they are pretty gentle :-)

  • Hmm.... Food for thought! NO PUN would never think about our lovely foursome as food. They are our in house petting zoo and nurturing zone!

  • I love the Lycra, so comfy and forgiving and cool! Strictly speaking I do not have chickens, I suppose they maybe classed as Grandchickens!! While we are house-keeping/grandchildren herding, it seems to encompass the chickens too. i nearly love them all - Blueclucky & Mary are my favourites we have meaningful chats! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“β˜ΊοΈ

  • Love the name blueclucky! I have one called popcorn who likes a morning cuddle - she shakes my trouser leg till I pick her up. Bit painful if I am in leggings though as nothing to shake 😳

  • And where is the picture of all this fab new gear? πŸ™‚

  • Assumed everyone knew what they looked like. Just asked hubby to model them but he pulled a face 😳 He is taller and bigger so might look odd anyway !!!

  • Lovely lot Oldpossum. You will need half hour before each run now to choose outfit! ☺

  • That's ok I will just go to bed earlier - I always get it ready the night before then I can't change my mind. Also means I don't disturb his Lordship if I wake extra early with of those awful night time power surgesπŸ˜€

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