Just a run in the park

You might call it that, but for me today my objective was achieved. I started C25K with the aim of surprising my sons by turning out with them on the parkrun when they visit for Christmas. The proviso was that I didn't think I could achieve it, right after W1. But today, with much nervousness, I went to our local parkrun and stood amongst the runners with 'Harriers' or 'RC' on their running gear and became more and more certain that I was in the wrong place. Having discovered I was, at the front of the pack, I moved to the back, just in front of the dogs and pushchairs. Once started, I was surprised to see runners walking in the first couple of km and resolved to keep plodding. Runkeeper told me I was not plodding slow enough for my low level of performance but I ignored it and managed to do the three laps without walking and without being mown down by runners doing the whole thing in 16 minutes something. Amazingly, I was able to feign proper running at the end and finish in a little less than 42 minutes. And I wasn't out of breath. The time is certainly not amazing but better than I managed on the road a week or so ago. Hobbled around all day pleased with myself.

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  • FABULOUS ! Well done you.

  • That's brilliant Austen. A great time too! So well done to you.

  • Well done

  • Austen , you are a complete legend and I am so pleased that you are part of this incredible forum !

    Congratulations to you, that is a fantastic time and I hope your sons will be proud of you ! That's going to be so amazing !!

    Well done Austen ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you (and everyone else) for the kind replies. I read your reply out to my wife. The word 'legend' caused some comments...

  • T'is true Austen ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic achievement, you must be so proud and your sons even prouder!

  • What a fabulous objective you had!!!! Really brilliant. Well done ☺

  • Fab well done. We need to see a pic of their faces when you show up at the run!

  • Well done you!!!

  • That's fab, well done you! Your sons will have a lovely Christmas surprise! xx

  • A very respectable time and you actually ran for 5 kilometres!!!!! Have u graduated or still working through the programme?

  • Yes, I have graduated, but only a week or so ago. Cheated by doing 45 minutes and 5k at the end, so I knew it was (just) possible. It has occurred to me that if I really try, the time might have a '3' at the beginning and so not a million miles from (but still too far) from the real runners. I shall probably be slapped down the next time I turn out now.

  • Go steady then, I tried to go straight on to a 10K programme which was good but I made my knee sore. Just continued running 3 times a week X 30 minutes to let myself settle down. Did run a 5K yesterday which took me a bit longer than 30 minutes and that felt good. I think o would like to work towards 3 X 5K per week next slowly!

  • From the aches and pains I had overnight, I certainly will be careful. My plan is to do a 30 min run once, maybe twice a week, and a parkrun roughly every two weeks. I have no ambitions in the 10k direction at the moment. I am still surprised that I can do any of this. When I started out on C25K last May, I expected to give up after a few weeks, particularly after trying to keep going for all of 60 seconds. Thanks for your advice.

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