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week 9 run 3 done

post 1 Finally done week 9 run 3. Now I can carry on with my plan to run to and from work 3k there and back twice and one 30 minute continuous 5k run. and do extra cycling to and from work other days. Extra effort I will put into cycling. Lost weight (photos attached).

1st photo is from about 12 years ago then about 13 stone. About 6 months ago was about 12 stone. Needed to lose weight as result of check up at Doctors when hit 60 borderline diabetic. Cut out snacking biscuits ice cream etc. and extra cycling. The c25k had best impact. Last 9 weeks gone from 11st 8lb to 10st 101b ! Aim to get to 10St 3lb to be top end of normal BMI.

In 2nd post 2nd picture taken after finishing run today (not a good photo). Wearing same shirt that I nearly threw away 12 years ago ! Can get 1 and a half of me squeezed into it now !

How do I get my graduation gong ??

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