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Week 8, run 3 done!

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I'm feeling really chuffed with myself about this. When I started I struggled to run for 60 seconds and couldn't imagine running week 2, let alone 28 minutes. I'm not fast, covering about 3.5k in the 28 mins but I'm also carrying about four stone in extra weight so once that goes I'm hoping I'll get faster? Anyway, here's to all of us, and to scary week nine 😊

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Excellent, well done.

Week 9 should hold no fears. You last 7 runs have all been of 25 minutes or longer with no walking breaks. At this stage, the last little bit is a small increment which you are more than ready for. Just keep it nice and slow and you will be just fine.

ExmoorllentGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Thank you!

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to Dunder2004

Exactly. I found Week 9 the easiest, though a large part of that was the result of getting advice from this forum.

Wow, graduation is in sight, you're nearly there and Week 9 should be fine, you're so ready for it. Good luck . πŸ‘πŸ½


Exciting times πŸ˜€ Good luck πŸ˜€

Dusts off Graduation podium πŸ‘‘


Well done!! Enjoy those last few runs to graduation!! :)


Wow, nearly there! Very well done. Do you live in Exmoor? I have family down there.....

ExmoorllentGraduate in reply to skysue16

Sadly not, but I have a wee herd of exmoor ponies!

skysue16Graduate in reply to Exmoorllent

Ahh, I love Exmoor ponies! Lucky you :)

ExmoorllentGraduate in reply to skysue16

I do feel very lucky! My other love is spaniels, yours is gorgeous! My old springer made a fabulous running companion :)

skysue16Graduate in reply to Exmoorllent

My doggie likes it when I jog in the forest and he runs off lead. Have you tried canicross? Some folk on this forum like it Maddee_6333


You've done the hard bit, it's all downhill ftom here. Good luck with your last 3 runs. 😊

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