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Week 9 Run 3 - Boxing Day Completion of C25K

It's my 50th birthday in February and 6-9 months ago I resolved to get fit having fallen into quite a sedentary life style despite having been an active runner in my teens and 20's. It was the thought that if I did not do it now I never would. I lost 3 stones in weight and started the C25K plan 2 months ago - I had avoided any running in the early stages of weight loss because it was just too much hard work.

I started C25K whilst on holiday at St Andrews and apart from a break between week 1 and week 2 have kept at it running every other day and now I have just got in from my 3rd run on week 9. When I started the programme I wondered about the science behind it as the early workouts just seemed to be numerical progressions - but it works and I certainly would not have been able to get here left to my own devices. That's not to say that it has been easy. In the early weeks I got terrible aches in my knees and legs - to the point I was seriously considering stopping running. Any way I got through that and have now finished the programme. The only question is what to do now to keep this level of fitness up.

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Congratulations angust, what a great christmas present to yourself! You may find it easier than you think to keep the running thing going, I surprised myself cos I used to be mega lazy. I think you just have to find the little tricks that motivate you to get out of the door. I have a few, but 'It's only half an hour' works best with me. Half an hour I can do, and if it does turn into longer, that's my choice. I also find reading about running and buying little running-related pressies is good for a small motivational boost too. And, yes I've really grown to enjoy it too mostly. Happy running this new year!


Congratulations on graduating and your return to running after a short break ;-)


Congratulations. For me the key to the success of the plan is that each stage, while difficult, is achievable so you get the constant challenge, but also a constant buzz of achievement at each stage, and also nine weeks is more than enough to establish a habit so hopefully you keep it up at the end.

Reflect on your success, continue running, and formulate a new objective to keep the motivation up.

Well Done.


CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on the weight loss and the graduation! Wear your grad badge with pride!!!! :-) Gayle


Congratulations!! You have quite and achievement to be proud of!! Also, congratulations on your weight loss and the new thinner and fitter lifestyle!!

Congratulations again and enjoy your "Graduate" badge!! You have most certainly earned it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations, you graduate, you! Great achievements, well done.


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