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Week 5 R1 abandoned hit a brick wall


Disaster tonight but really my own fault. Really finding it hard to get 3 runs in a week which allow a rest day. I have a busy job and am a busy mum and probably trying to do too much. Ended up running for the 1st 5 mins but then couldn't go on as felt nauseous and ill, something that stopped after starting this programme ( feel like I am back to square one). Has anybody else felt like this? I was taking the 5 mins slow as well, but I didn't have a day's rest and only eaten a couple hours before as trying to get runs in when I am off work. Did everybody do 3 runs a week to complete the programme or did it take longer than a week to complete the 3 runs. Worry that not doing the 3runs won't help. I start work very early in the morning so before work is out the question. Hoping this is just a set back as know I can run for 2x 5min blocks as on week 4. Any advice welcome feel I need a boost.

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I'm no expert but I did my W5 R! today too.....and yes I am finding it hard to fit in the runs as I've just started back to work. Not sure about the nausea but I am not doing this a week at a time - I am in real time week 7 and just started Week 5 today...I am taking it at my own pace and often have a few days rest between runs so it often takes me more than a week to do one of Laura's weeks.

Many other more experience people will give you much better advice than me but please don't give up and feel too disheartened - you can do this and you sound like you really want to.

I found today tough too - keep going in your own time and stay with it - you are doing so well especially fitting this in with the family and all that goes with that :-)

We are all with you :-)


I had to repeat several runs several times - the rest days are far more significant in my experience that having a 'success' day, I don't even pretend to understand it but the whole program is really well thought out. I have to remind myself where i have started from though at this stage, ambition tends to try and get the better of me and I want that 5k NOW! :) Take it easy, the only competitor you have is yourself and if it stops being enjoyable on some level it's a miserable feeling as you slog around the track or wherever. None of us is going to win the Boston Marathon after all - but we sure as hell are beating the heck out of the couch potatoes ;)


Hi Jen, I feel sure it won't matter if you have more rest days/non running days. It's not a race, it is 'your' c25k. Please don't give up, you've done brilliant. Take care and take as many non running days life makes you. X


Thank you for your wise words really want to do this but maybe pushing myself too quickly, now going to take a rest until Thursday.


Oh please, week 5! It took me 3 weeks to finish it. You are not alone. First week I managed half of run1 twice and was totally flattened. Second week I managed run 1 and run 2 and failed miserably at run 3. Third attempt I managed all three runs. Yee ha! I happen to do 3 runs in each week but it really isn't an issue. Just don't give up. It's mental as much as physical (ask me how I know) ;) Go as slow as you possibly can and drink lots and look through as many posts as you can on here. There are plenty on hitting that brick wall. You are doing really really well. Keep on going, you can do it :)


Yes week 5 think it those gremlins as Laura says we are really going to pick things up this week.


I really don't think too many rest days matter,.and indeed may be helpful. What I wouldn't do is run two days in a row as I gather you need that recovery time for your muscles. I had nine weeks off due to injury sustained in week five so would err on the side of caution. It s not a race to the finish its your own journey as others have said. Sounds like you are doing really well !


Hi Jen. It's really important to have a rest day between runs and you can always take two rest days if you need. If you can't manage to run the whole run intervals then you need to repeat the run before you move on to the next one. I would say even if the jump up to the next run seems big, the programme will have prepared you physically for it so sometimes it may just be a mental challenge to get you through. It's hot at the moment so make sure you are well hydrated before you start. You can definitely do it, just make sure you take your rest days to recover!

Completed week 5 today (again) as already graduated but started the program again due to a back injury. It has to be one of the hardest weeks mentally. I felt terribly sick on the first run of the week but I find that's when I go too hard. Did the last run feeling good but I always go out first thing when not too hot and not had anything to eat or drink or I get stitch. Those rest days are terribly important:-)


Rest days are crucial.. really, they are. :) Even more so, with a challenging set of issues, like work, family, and the humidity...you do well to get out there.. I am full of admiration.:)

Take as long as you need. This is your journey, take it at your own pace. Take two rest days.. do some strength and flex... :)

Just start when you feel recovered... the weather is so tricky at the moment..loads of us are struggling... go slow, as slow as you like and really steady!

Do not feel disheartened or anything like that..you are doing this and will succeed. Just make sure you are hydrated and feel up for the run.

All the time in the world... :)

I experienced nausea and dizziness in the first few weeks and am pretty sure it was because I was overdoing it and trying to go faster than my body was ready for. I also go out very early but personally need something in my stomach first so I eat 1/2 a banana and drink a glass of water. I agree with the others who have said more rest days not less. I often seem to do better when I take a 2 day break not 1. You've done so well to get this far - stick with it and you will succeed.


If you can only run twice a week, no problem. All that happens is a 'week' of the program takes a little longer. But always respect the rest days.

As for the nausea, you probably pushed too hard. Particularly if it's hot where you are. Keep it slow, if it's hot give it your best and walk if you have to. Also a cap helps to keep some of the heat off your head.


Quite a few of my 'weeks' have somewhere in the region of 9-12 days in them, and occasionally more... I'm deliberately going through the programme slower this time round than I have in the past, thorugh a combination of repeating weeks and having extra rest days. I like having 2 days between runs rather than just 1, but that does make it harder (for me) to keep to my regular running schedule.

I've occasionally felt utterly grim during a run - usually slowing down and breathing through it is enough to let me keep going, but if you felt that terrible then stopping was not the wrong thing to do at all. Take it slower on your next run, and remember, we're all cheering you on! ;)

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