Week 5 approaching

I've just completed week4 run3 and have struggled more this week with the 5 min run then any other week, however I think I felt this way with the 3 min run at one point and now i don't struggle with those at all.

I have just been out slipping all over the place and completed week 4 but on the advice of people on this site and in order to complete the the programme I do jog slow, my husband thinks that I should redo this week (he runs with me for support but he is much fitter as he plays a lot of football)

He thinks I should redo it purely to be able to run faster before progressing onto week 5 but I do feel like I could give week 5 ago, although worried about run 3. I agree with him that repeating would help me when it comes to the 20 min run but as I've completed this week shouldn't I just continue? Even if slow.

What would be your advice as I am under the impression that it's not about speed and that will come at the end when I am fitter

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ps I'm half way through the programme


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14 Replies

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  • If you feel ready to move on to week 5 then do it. As you say, slow is best and it's about doing the time required and less about speed or distance covered as that will come maybe after the programme has finished to be honest. Go for it! Have fun :)

  • As others would say have a go at week 5. There would be no problem in repeating week 4 but sometimes on the day you never know how at first how well a run can go. Even now I wonder, especially in this weather, sometimes If I can run on a par with previous runs . sometimes it goes better than expected.

    I never worried about speed. That gradually increased over time as my stamina built up after doing the continuous runs. The main thing is to do the time. I run about 6 1/2K in 43 minutes now and at 5K mark do in 33 to 34 minutes. My aim was to get fit and run for 30 minutes anything else is a bonus. Because I have built up a buffer of being able to run for 43 minutes when I drop down to 5K its easy and I never set myself up for a bad run.I like a challenge and occasionally will try out a podcast on some of my runs.

    I feel good for getting out and running any distance and speed . sometimes near end of runs I am doing more of a plod and not much faster than a walk up my final hill towards home but still feel good. Better to take it slow. The main thing is to be happy.

  • My advice would be to move on. The last thing you should be concerned about, at this stage, is running faster.

    Everyone is/was scared of W5R3 but its bark really is worse than its bite. Slow and steady is the key and I am sure you will be fine.

  • I think you could do Week 5 too, but you will need to run slowy..you are not looking for speed at the moment..just endurance.

    I did c25k with my OH who used to play football when he was younger. Football players have to sprint quickly for a short time over and over during a match, not run consistently for 30 min non-stop. My hubby always had a faster pace than me, but ultimately he has never been great at distances over 20 mins and struggles to complete anything longer as he can't breathe. He can do longer runs by doing 10 mins at a time with walking breaks though, and although he did manage to graduate on a treadmill he hates running non-stop as he runs out of steam.

    My point is, if you follow the plan, which teaches you how to run for 30 mins, going slowly is the best way.

    Do run with your husband, but go at your own pace, if he runs ahead of you he can double back or meet you at the end.

    Once you have graduated you can work on increasing your speed if you want to.

    Good luck.๐Ÿ˜Š and good for your husband supporting you.

  • It's not about speed at all. it's about successfully finishing each session. The plan is progressive so you should be able to move on if you successfully completed the last session.

    Bear in mind, you are in charge of your sessions and must go at your own pace. By all means allow your husband to run alongside but you're in the driving seat as it were

    Have fun!

  • At no point in the plan is there any guidance as to how fast you should be going, other than at a 'conversational pace' - and that's simply because everyone is different and one person's slow jog would be another person's walk, and another person's sprint. It doesn't matter what speed you're going; if you're running all the run segments, you're doing it right. Hubby needs to follow your lead on this one! :)

  • i agree with all of the above. Remember and remind others that this is your running journey, no one else's even those meaning well. Forget speed and aim for completing each session. slow and steady. Enjoy every run and celebrate every success. we are awaiting that graduation celebration runner.

    Happy running !

  • Sorry but I would disagree with him (bless him)! The only aim is to do the run time and speed doesn't earn any extra brownie points. In this way, I increased my run times, graduated and avoided injury. Slowing down is a great way to progress to the following week and get through it. I think speed development will come naturally after graduation if it is your goal. For me, I run at a comfortable speed and have moved from 5k to 10k, my pace has steadily improved without trying - although being speedy isn't something I aim for - just to run regularly, keep healthy and avoid injury. Well done you, sounds as if you are on track and graduation is round the corner

  • Give W5R1 a go, I didn't find it any worse than W4 as they are just 5 min segments.

    I may not say the same with R2 (tomorrow) and R3, but would say start W5 at least as it's ok :-)

  • What does the programme advise? If you've completed the 3 runs... move on to the next week. Nuff said ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating a week if you want to but it's not necessary. Running slowly is so beneficial to building those running legs, which is why you will constantly see advice to 'slow down'.

    A comfortable pace is the right pace. Good luck with your next run, whichever it may be. And most importantly, enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you all for your advice, looks like I'm on the right track and I'm going to go ahead and continue. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Go for it...that's what people tell me... you can always adapt if need be...takeit nice and slower than slow and I'm sure you'll smash it

  • Yes I will and wanted too all along think I should just ignore he hubby haha he thinks it would help become faster but I'm ok with slow

    Thank you for the positivity x

  • I think if you completed Week 4, you're ready to move on to Week 5, so go for it! Really think it's much more about keeping going, not how fast you go. Speed will come as you get fitter. Good luck!

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