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W7R3 Just hit a brick wall

I suppose it had to come but today I just felt like I hit a brick wall. I had no motivation at all this morning in fact I could have just stayed in bed! I forced myself to get up and after the 5 mins warm up walk began my run (slow jog!!) I appear to be mentally and physically exhausted and I just dont know why. Every single step of this run I just wanted to stop but somehow I carried on and when Laura said you can stop running know I could have shed a few tears. I am really worried now about W8R1 and if I will be able to do this. I am telling myself that this is just a blip and that I shall complete this programme and run the Race for Life next month. I have read and re-read some of your inspirational blogs and I am sure this will help see me through the remainder of the weeks.

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Hey - it's impressive that you got up! I tried to talk myself into it but wimped out. Now I have to do it this evening and I know myself that I find it much much harder to run in the evenings after a day's work. I often feel like having a little cry after the run is over. I am finding it hard too. The 28 minutes has not gotten easy for me - have one more of it to do before moving on to the 30. But, like you, even though I want to stop along the way, I keep going and I can make it. think of how great it is that you can do this on a bad day!


Well done for getting out and finishing! A true mental test that you passed! Just keep going, you will be fine. Are you drinking enough water? I've upped my intake and noticed a difference... just a thought.


Don't worry about it for a second. It happens often for no obvious reason at all I think; and it may not be very encouraging but it never entirely goes away in my experience. I am 18 months in and I have just had a week of those runs!

You get through the other side the most important thing is the equation


That gets me through loads of runs just as it it did you and on a positive note next time it happens you wil be able to look back on your own experienc and say "I had this beofre and you know what? It got better again".


You are doing just fine.


Thanks everyone - I shall take a hammer and chisel for the wall on the next run. lol Greg - thanks for the equation will keep it in mind


Hey there, definitely have had that, try and just feel chuffed with yourself that you finished regardless! I think that, more than anything, is what makes you a runner! Don't worry about your next run - we all have good and bad runs, just forget about this one and think about all the times when you've done well. I also find that when you're running solidly it helps to see how far you've gone - even a crap run translates in km which I enjoy boasting about ;) *

* To non-marathon running friends


I just posted my blog & then spotted yours on the same run. I hated this run as well - but hey we did it. We got off the couch & went out there week after week to get where we are now. We have done 7 weeks which is an amazing achievement. We can definitely finish this program - good luck with week8!


thanks jennie - good luck to you to - i shall follow your blogs to see how you get on and I am quite sure with all the help and support we shall do it!


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