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Are we nearly there yet??

Morning all! Yes we are nearly there only one more run to go then yipee I graduate. Just got in from doing wk9r2 and I'm enjoying a welcome cuppa. Who would have believed at the end of April that I would beable to run for 8 minutes? certainly not me and now I can run for over 30 minutes absolutely incredible. Managed to do today's run outside, got a bit wet on the walk back home but thankfully got in just a couple of minuets before the heavens really opened. I didn't take Laura out again today nor did I have any music as I think the iPod has died so it might be a trip out to buy a new device later today. Run time today was 38 minutes + 20 minutes warm-up/cooldown walks, distance covered 3.9km, being able to run 5km still seems along way off. Hope the weather is good for my graduation run on Friday. Some advice please on those foam roller things for massage are they any good?

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Sounds like you've made great progress - just do be careful not to overdo it too soon. The programme is designed to build up your stamina steadily, not just for your fitness but also to give your body the chance to adjust to what you're now asking it to do. 38 mins running in week 9 is quite a lot! At this stage it's all about the time, not the distance covered or speed, so do just take it steady. Once you've finished the plan, you can build up gradually - the normal recommendation is increasing by no more than 10% in total each week.

But great that you're clearly enjoying it so much, and enjoy your graduation run!


I've bought a foam roller (I think I paid about £3 for it on ebay) but haven't used it properly yet. They are supposed to be very good for sore & tight muscles but apparently feel a bit like torture equipment when you're using it! Sure there is plenty of information about how to use them on the internet.

Well done on your progress so far! Do go steady with increasing speed and distance. Some people push for the 5k on graduation run but then go back to consolidating 30 minute runs. You don't want to risk injury just as you graduate :) Enjoy your graduation run!


Well done , one more to the Biggie and the coveted badge !

Youre doing brilliantly, and you can always concentrate on hitting that 5k once you've graduated , don't worry it'll happen :-)

Ive got a foam roller , aptly called " The Beast " ! I was a bit scared of it at first and used to hide it behind the sofa , but now we get on really well ! Loads of vids on You Tube for advice, they are really good for ironing out kinks and smoothing out tight knots ! :-) xxx


Thank you for the advice poppypug a foam roller is the next thing I will buy from my running needs list,the list seems to get longer every week and then the next thing I will need to get is a light weight waterproof jacket given the weather we are having. I did my W9r3 this morning I was glad to have Laura with me again I've got my iPod sorted out. I love to read your posts they always make me smile and lift my spirits, thank you.

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Many Congratulations on your Graduation ! Thats brilliant, Well done ! :-) Hope youve asked for your badge ?

Oh yes, running gear, the list is endless ! Still , now people will know what to buy you for Christmas'es and Birthdays up to the next millenium . Ha ha ! :-)

Thankyou for your kind words , that is really nice of you xxx


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