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Nearly there but a bit :|

Again I am letting the gremlins beat me this morning. I am focussing on the negatives and not the positives:( I am happy I have got this far. I think sometimes its human nature to say 'I cant believe I have achieved this' and part of me feels that way but I also knew that I would. I dont mean that to sound arrogant - im not that way at all but I just meant I had to look at it that I would do it or it would become a mountain that I wouldnt be able to climb and also in reading lots and lots of blogs, there were many many people achieving this that started from nothing and managed it so I thought, if they can do it so can i!!!!

I feel different in that I can run longer than I could before but nothing much else has changed and I'm wondering why. I havent lost any weight, I havent changed shape, clothes dont fit me any differently etc. Im still exactly the same person but can just run a little longer. Maybe thats why perhaps I'm feeling a bit weird and negative, like I havent achieved that much at all. I KNOW I should focus on the positives and see I have changed but I guess I wanted this to be life changing but I'm waiting for the big explosion.

I guess in reading other peoples blogs where you see how life changing it has been for them and how hard its been and how much they have been through you can see they thoroughly deserve to have got their badge.

Oooh im being a negative nelly i know :( Just worried I guess that if i havent seen any results from this in how its changed me then once I finish this programme I wont keep this up:(

Why has my bubble burst:( Need to figure out today how to view this differently.

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Do not worry. I am half only way through the programme and still waiting for the alleged highs and svelte shape and I think they are all urban myths! But you know in your heart of hearts that you ARE doing your body some good. One or two people have said that their weight didn't start to drop off until after they had completed the programme.

Perhaps you need to give yourself a (short) holiday from running and I am sure you will miss it and feel the need to continue. I have had an enforced break and I am beginning to worry I'll never get going again. Keep coming back to the blog page for inspiration - I'm sure you will soon get through this negative phase. We are all individuals and it is bound to be different for others. If you give up now you never will know what changes you've achieved. Your bubble hasn't burst - it's just around the corner hiding, waiting for you to catch it up!


Thank you:) I will read some older blogs today for inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I wont give up!!


I'm sure you're just having a down day and it will pass. You've made amazing progress and whilst you may not have physically changed (yet) mentally you've made massive changes. The end of the program is bound to be a time for reflection - think back to why you started, read over your old blogs and set yourself some new goals for the next few weeks and beyond. You've worked so hard an like everyone else you totally deserve your grauation badge, in fact anyone who gets out of bed at 5am and runs deserves a medal in my eyes :)

As Laura says, keep going you're almost there! x


Thank you. You're right and I do need to focus on the positives. I knew I did but you know when you are in a certain mindset and you cant get out - I think I'm in one of those! I just need a kick up the bum today and to get on with it! x


I can understand your frustration, but hang on in there. I graduated at the beginning of May, and hadn't lost any weight. I did feel a bit more toned, but as I hadn't taken any measurements before I started, I wasn't sure if my shape had changed. However, I did feel a lot better and fitter.

Since graduating, I have run 5k three times a week, and love it. Sometimes I just run at a comfortable pace and enjoy that. Sometimes I really go for it, and my best so far is 29:52. Amazing really as I couldn't run for toffee back in March!

The important thing is to enjoy it, and once you graduate, and run for longer and regularly, you will notice a difference. I have lost weight now, and I continue to feel better and fitter.

So, think positive, you are doing great and you will reap the rewards, trust me!


Right lady I'm going to teach those gremlins a thing or two..... here's a little something that you wrote on 26th April

"So glad I found this:) As I ran round the cricket pitch (the whole 30 mins equated to 4 times round) I could see my footprints in the wet grass and i just kept thinking, "that was you, you have already shown you can do this so keep going"

so now you need to ask yourself what's changed since then? & the answer is you have.

- you have improved massively

- you can now run for over 25 minutes

- you have learned the technique which you can carry on with

- you have made new friends on here and a whole support network.

to me these sound like some blooming massive results - so what if you have't seen many physical changes to weight/size/shape - what you have gained is the ability to get out of the door, blast away your blues and enjoy the happy running feeling when you nail that next run.... and the smug feeling that you have just burned over 400 calories in the process.

Doing C25k isn't always about a weight loss or shape changing - it's about getting your bum off the couch being more active it show that in just 9 weeks that you can change your ways and now you are getting towards the end you can look forward to the rest of your life being more healthy.....

you wanted this to be life changing .... well it already has changed your life!

now dry your eyes and lace up them trainers & happy running. :)


Thank you muchly. I love it how you started off by saying 'right lady' - but i did need a good talking to:)

Just need to get my mind in gear really. I think it might be because today i just REALLY didnt want to go out so i didnt and thats the first time ive done that. I should have got up but didnt. Tomorrow is a new day:) Not long to go now!! I can definately run for 25 mins (I can even do 55 minutes) so I know this is all about just listening to the rotten gremlins. Time to take stock and carry on.


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