Last lap - nearly there!

Week 9 - second thirty minute run completed today. I did the first run on the road; the second across the common - a new route. Both were hard. Is there anyone else who finds the 30 minutes much harder than 28? Or is it just me? I'm going to take an extra day off before the last run, but I won't make the 5k distance - I managed just over 4.5k on both runs. Although I'm trying to keep a slow and steady pace, I can see that my average pace has been creeping down over the last 3 weeks - from running a kilometre in just under 7 minutes, I'm now running an average pace of 6.36. Not sure I'll ever make the 5k in 30 minutes, but I'm determined to be able to do it in under 35 minutes. Then maybe I'll do my local park run……..


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7 Replies

  • Its only a few who can manage the 5km in 30 minutes on graduation so I wouldnt worry about that. Now you have nearly finished, you can decide where you want to take your running.

    Parkrun is great. When I started it took me 44 minutes to do and I was so chuffed. Now I take around 36 minutes, which I am very proud of. I think the big things is to get out there and do it.

  • Helcl is right - not many do 5k in 30 minutes on graduation. Your pace is pretty good, it seems to me. In my week 9, I ran on after 30 minutes to complete 5K - I think in 37, 35 and just under 34. I did my first Parkrun yesterday, and really enjoyed it. I wrote about it here.....

    You're doing great.

  • That sounds like a good pace and distance to me. As heici says not many graduate with that 5k done in 30 mins. With time and practice you will achieve the 5k in 30 mins for sure. I graduated just before the New Year and did my first sub 30 min 5k this week, so it may take time but you will do it. But first.... graduation! And that in itself is a great achievement :)

  • My first parkrun was 41 mins. Its a huge percentage increase from running 28 mins. You're doing fine. Well done on your terrific journey - building up slowly avoids nasty injuries. You're doing just fine.

  • You are doing really well and improving your pace quite dramatically - just go for the time at the moment, but I'm sure 5k and that elusive Sub 30 min 5k will soon be in your grasp!

  • well done jm, almost there and good effort. Just keep doing what you are doing and I am sure the times will drop, but its the fact you are doing it that's the important thing. Keep us posted on the final run.

  • Well done, only one to go! Just relax and enjoy the final run - don't put yourself under any pressure.

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