Are we nearly there yet?!

Dear goodness, thought I wouldn't complete my week2 run3 today. So hot and I was just feeling really tired before I started. Also I went out about 9am, when it seems all the runners are out! Still I suppose they all started somewhere. I actually did begin to wonder how I'm going to increase my running next week, hopefully it will be ok. Note to self: I really must buy some decent trainers as mine are rubbish.


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  • Well done for completing week 2 - you are probably only now noticing the other runners as you are a runner too. You do need to make sure you have decent shoes (and socks) otherwise you may potentially get injured, especially as the distances are going to build up over the next few weeks (just trust the programme as you will manage the progression).

  • Thanks. I just went to see a friend who commented on how well I was looking. A good incentive to carry on! Will be looking at trainers this weekend.

  • Go to a proper independent sport shops rather than one of the 'sport' fashion sheds as you will be given proper advice and they should recommend shoes for you - try lots and use their treadmill to test them out. Allow plenty of time to get the right ones for you.

    Oh - and it is the law of the forum that you post a picture of your new purchase!

  • Ha, good advice. So long as the picture is just of the trainers I will try to comply ;)

  • Hey buddy

    I'm totally with you today. First 90 seconds seemed forever. About half way round I was asking Jo Whiley again if she was sure she was still counting!! I did it but it was dripping at the end. But let's feel proud of ourselves- 6 runs done!!! I work with a girl who does triathlons - she assures me that it will get easier & said two years ago she was in the same position. That gave me some hope - even though she's over 20 years younger than me!! Week three here we come. Enjoy your day off 🤗🐵. See you in week 3.....

  • I have just completed week 2 not looking forward to week 3 is it has bad as it seems, the 90 secs seemed like forever - very proud of myself to have got this far, couldn't even run to a lampost before :)

  • Well done for completing week2. My best advice for week3 and going forward is take it slow and then some. The idea is to build stamina not speed at this stage. I finished week4 last week and a power walker overtook me! I never thought I would be able to run for 5 mins and yet my next run contains 2 x 8 minute runs, so I will be going even extra slow - if possible.

  • Well thank you, Chunky Monkey. Just had a glass of wine so feeling much better now :)

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