5K Build-up run - nearly PB?

Hi all,

Today I went out for my second, post grad 'outdoor run', and I think I may have missed out on a PB through my lack of effective and accurate route planning :) What I mean is, I still haven't managed to plan a 5k / 3.1 mile route! I know I could just extend my run (which I may do next time if I'm just short again) but I'd still like to have a route of 5k planed out.

Today's run was 2.98 miles (almost there!) which I covered in 28.40. I'm pleased with that time as I'm currently just trying to workout a route of 5k to consolidate my 5k distance and then look to try and accomplish my long term goal of running 5k in 30 minutes.

Looking at my time above, I think I would have achieved my goal if my route had been slightly longer and even if I didn't achieve the 5k in 30 minutes then I'm sure my run would have resulted in a PB as my graduation run 5k time is 34.37.

Never mind, taking the positives out of my run today, I got out and ran, it felt great being outdoors, all helps with my fitness, and, according to my Garmin / Garmin Connect, my Average Vertical Oscillation is above average at 7.9 cm :)

Happy running people :)

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  • Glad to hear you're still enjoying your outdoor runs, Paul. :-) There are plenty of positives from it; really good times too! :-)

    I just tend to map a route I think will do and then assess things on what Miss Garmin says. If my route plotting is awful and we've gone too far out, I try to pick a route that allows a looping back, or dart down some side roads and add distance that way. :D

    It sounds like you've taken to outdoor running really well!

  • Loving it and especially the 'off road' sections :) Yeah, I'll prob do something like that next run if I'm not quite at 5k. I have my Garmin set up for 1/2 mile splits so if I'm nearing the end of my run and I don't hear that 6th 'beep', I'll just keep on running :)

  • With that time Paul I am sure you will reach your target on your next run :) sound like your enjoying your garmin with all those fancy stats :) I am not sure what avo is but sounds very impressive :)

  • Thanks, I'm hopeful :) Loving the Garmin and being able to check my runs in fine detail afterwards. As for AVO, it's just how high you 'bounce' as you run ;) the less you bounce the more efficient you are........apparently ;)

  • That does sound like an interesting stat to know, I don't think my garmin tells me that :( see I have learnt something new today, thank you :D

  • I've promised myself a Garmin when/if!! I graduate. I have been borrowing my husbands but its not lilac. We just went 2.5k in one direction and back today to make an accurate 5k. It wasn't too dull!

  • When you graduate, not 'if' ;) I bought myself one as Graduation present, too :)

  • Well done Paul. You could try mapping your route with mapometer before you go. It's really good and pretty accurate too. I've no doubt you'll achieve your 30 min 5k goal really soon, you're too quick and determined not to. Good luck :)

  • Lol, thanks AM :) Not heard of mapometer so thanks for that.

  • I just put mi garmin on n run till it says 5k lol , I don't even plug it into a computer , am I doing it wrong ?

  • Lol, no, not at all. I could do that too, but I was just looking to plot out a 5k route in my area. Not essential really but having a set route will allow me to become familiar with it and I'll know roughly when/where to push on etc.

  • Ha ha I never know where I'm going to end up ,

  • Lol. Not a bad thing sometimes :)

  • Well done Paul, glad to hear you are having fun with your Garmin....thinking about one too, especially as MapMyRun failed this morning......what model did you buy? You certainly seem to be on track to achieve 5km in 30 minutes. Happy running.

  • Thanks ;) I went for the 620 in the end. I thought I deserved it after graduating ;)

  • The Garmin Connect website - the same one that your data is uploaded to - has a course planning facility. I use it all the time.

  • Thanks, Rob. Just had a play about with that last night ;) Worked out a 5k route so hopefully my next run will actually be 5k ;)

  • I memorise it too. But I agree it's Los of fun doing the planning!

  • And it's a lot easier to travel 5k that way, too ;)

  • And now you've got me planning all sorts of crazy routes! What happens when you upload them to the device? I assume it doesn't tell you "turn left at the next roundabout" but it uses the pacing information you put in to "push you"???

  • Lol. It's fun though ;) Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, I wish it did. There's an option to 'send' it to your device but apparently my watch isn't comparable (I believe you have the 620, too). I'm basically using Garmin connect to just plot a route of 5k and then run it from memory. I've only had my watch for about a week so there may be some other option that I'm not aware of.

  • Yeah - I've got the 620 as well... still learning all the "features". I do like how it works with the Heart Rate monitor and it's adjusting my Max HR and VO2 max over the last few runs as it works out "how I work"... it's a clever little thing... :)

  • It's great, isn't it :) only had one run with the HR monitor and I love all the extra info it gives.

  • Keep wearing it and it "learns" your Max HR and recovery cycle... Based on some quite clever Finnish science... :)

  • Looking forward to it ;)?

  • I reckon you're doing well Paul, great stuff :)

  • Thank you ;)

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