Sprint intervals?

I am sure I read on here that someone recommended some sort of plan including Sprint intervals. I attempted this tonight following a fat burning plan which alternates long slower runs once per week with these interval sprints on another day , strength exercises on one other and a final race pace run.

I did a 10 mins jog then sprinted (well ito was sprinting for me) at an incline of 8% for 30 secs then fast walk for two mins, then Sprint again then walk etc. I did 8 repeats of this then finished with 10 mins jog. Does this sound okay, or is there a better way?


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8 Replies

  • Juicy Ju posted this one a while back.


  • That looks great - I think I might just incorporate that into my training plan. Thanks B0bP

  • Sounds good to me - did you enjoy it?

  • It was different and very sweaty x

  • That's the one I was thinking of. Think I might try this for my scheduled runs. I am still running most days but at a jogging gentle pace on the in between days. If anyone has tried this letemail know.

  • You could do "Speed" from the C25K+ podcasts with the lovely Laura.

  • I'm doing something similar but my 'sprint' is just an upped pace at the moment. I've started very very basic - once a week I'm doing 10 sets of 15 seconds run followed by 60 seconds jog with 5 min easy warm up and cool down jog (plus the normal warm up and cool down walk too). It's a killer and I can't say I enjoy it but in just two weeks I've shaved 20 seconds off my pace on my 'easy' 30 minute run without trying. I'm not particularly bothered about getting quick but I just need something which is outside my comfort zone to push myself for otherwise I'm prone to getting bored.

    After 3-4 weeks I'm planning on seeing how I'm doing with those runs and increasing the interval time a little if I cam manage. I like the idea of that plan, I might give it a go when I feel I can handle the ones I'm doing now!

  • You can use lamposts or bins, shrubs etc as markers and just run fast between them. You start small though! Fast running slams the legs so don't do too much at once if you'-re not used to it. 30 seconds to start with ......

    Or you can run faster half k's, 1k's or 3k's keep slow jogging while you slow down between the intervals.

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