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Myasics plan intervals query

Here is the text of the interval run I have to do today.

" 3mi Interval 9:12–8:33 min/mile for 0:27:36–0:25:40

This is an interval training. Run 1km intervals at a consistently fast pace, and then jog for 2-5 minutes. If you need more time to recover, take it. But don't be tempted to walk, keep running even if it's slow."

So my question is Do I run for 27:36 which I think would mean I would cover 3k plus the distance of the 2-5 minute jogs or should I ignore the 27:36 and just keep repeating intervals until I complete the 3 miles (or maybe 5k)?

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Haven't the foggiest, sorry! It's really not clear is it? I think MW and Slookie are following Asics plans, I am too but mine doesn't have any interval sessions.


Thanks anyway Curly. I changed the distances to KMs but all it has done is change it to a 4.8km interval.


So thanks to Sheila Wallace I found a reply to my question

You should run as follows:

- Run fast for 1 K (the interval)

- Jog (recover) for 2-5 minutes

Repeat this pattern 5 times.

The above is outside of your warm-up and cool-down so please do those in addition.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will try to rewrite the explanation to make it clearer and easier to understand.


Do you get the emails GF? They set the run out in more details. You have to opt to receive them by ticking a box somewhere on your profile

I am probably not doing it right but I aim to get the intervals done somewhere between the two times specified and I set my Garmin to the quickest time give, some hopefully I finish up within the given parameters. I class my pedestrian crossing stops as the recovery bits .

At the end of the day it's a guide, and a good one, so if you set your stall out to achieve what they set out you will be well on your way to do your race on or about their projected time.

Have you done any of the 3 k fast intervals yet? I am on the "average" ones and crikey these are proving tough. I don't fancy your "hard" runs. Sheesh

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Yes the email has similar text to that above. The clarification on their customer support suggests I need to do as many K intervals to hit the 3miles so approx 5 but with the jogging to recover will hit somewhere closer to 4 miles I think all in. As I was running faster than I needed I adjusted my plan but now the predicted time is 54 mins - I'd be delighted if I do under the hour ;-)

So far I've done jog (which is way too slow), run which has been okay and fast which is where my heart becomes a cartoon and tries to leap out of my chest. It is working though but I am watching out for injuries.

This is my last interval then it is just Fast and Jog and then race pace runs - exciting isn't it!


The slow jogs are important! "The pre-conditioning phase is an important one to get your body ready for weeks of training ahead" There is lots of lower packed training in this phase ...."

The slow stuff is leg building!!!!!

My projected time is 54:21. Wonder if everyone's is! Ha ha

Oh yeah it's exciting times. Good to have a plan though ey! I'd be like a headless chicken without it


My projected time is 54:19 tee hee


Ha ha, Ner ner ner ner ner. So, GF, I'll race ya!

When's your race? Mine's in March.


Feb the 1st WInter Run in London.My fastest at 10k so far is still 1 hour 2 mins so I think the prediction is a bit optimistic!


No, the prediction should be right based on your last 10 k fastest time. I bet it will be near enough spot on. Mine have been. How accurate asics time is depends on you feeding back your run times and making any changes they give you. If you run the speeds laid out then your projected time should be as set out. It's a two-way process and the plan can only be as accurate as the information you feed back to them, and if you follow their advice.

I think it's a really good tool and it's helped me no end. I'm sure you'll find the same. It's fun too as every run is like a race against yourself. Pushes you on and makes you want to achieve the goal set out in your plan. The "jogs" and "comfortable" runs are a respite from the "fasts" and "fast intervals" though, so it's not all frenetic


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