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Wk5 R2 I need you Laura

So, simple I thought! 8 mins run followed by 5 mins walk, then 8mins run. What could go wrong?

Planned out route in my head, strapped on cheap mans watch with stop watch. Started the timer, guesstimated where my very sedate jog would take me to, glanced at watch - 8 mins 30 secs jogged. Walked for 4 mins 30 and then jogged again.

Didn't glance at watch until I got to my mental check point! Must be about 6 mins, no..... 9 mins 50 secs.

So clearly when you learn to jog, time passes quicker??? Legs are aching a little bit now lol

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Well done, sounds like your finding your feet so to speak :) good luck with the next run !


Wow, I need to borrow your watch. Whenever I glance at the watch I get disappointed by not having gone nearly as far as I wanted to. Well done you for just jogging on :)


Wow, well done!



I'm a firm believer in 'naked' running; ie without tech or music. I use a simple stopwatch, and listen to my body. I believe that people have been running without music/chatter-in-ears/tech for many, many generation, and we don't need it now.

We can all run and enjoy the world without modern and mostly unnecessary tech getting in the way. Watching the seasons pass, no distractions and living in the real [and not artificial tech] world.

BUT, I'm an anti-social sod who like my own company!


Yes, need one of those watches! Have ditched mine for the next couple of weeks just to see if I can enjoy the run without stressing about times.

On the earphone debate ... I wouldn't ever run outdoors with earphones. Apart from being lucky enough to run in the countryside where the sounds are better than anything Laura can sing (sorry Laura), I just don't think it is safe. Just my opinion. I wonder if earphones provide a sort of false security blanket - certainly when I was commuting they were a blessing to shut the world out but that doesn't mean the world is actually shut out. Bit like having the lights on indoors without curtains when it is dark outside - feels like a cocoon.

However, the sound of my breathing is far less attractive than anything Laura can sing though!



I fully agree with you re earphones. We live on Dartmoor, so I'm lucky enough to be able to watch the changing seasons; the sheep grazing; the [highland!] cattle in the river; the buzzards circling; the ponies frolicking in the music could ever replace what I have to listen to.

As for being cocooned, I feel you are right. You can easily become insular and separated from your environment and life itself.

Watches I use purely to see how long it took. I start it at the beginning, and stop it at the end; just for reference. No peeking at it during the run. Timex Ironman ~ a simple-to-use-in-all-weathers watch with a large display. It's light, cheap and seems reliable. No sat nav; no GPS; no heart-rate; no computer downloads.....


Don't get many sheep here (Surrey) but do get buzzards circling. I think they are waiting for me to keel over!


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