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Intervals vs fartlek?

My aim after C25K was to up the speed to manage the 5k in 30 mins. Not quite there yet but have gone from 36 mins to 31.5 mins in the last 8 weeks using the week 2 podcasts to do run/jog intervals.

I'm now plotting my next goal so I make the final hard push to the golden 30 mins sooner rather than later. I'm now thinking I will up the distance to 10k next so I've been looking at some training plans.

So- question is that these plans mention fartlek sessions rather than intervals but what exactly is the difference?

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impressed with your improvement in your times! i must get out there and do intervals again!


Go for fartlek - it'll sound hilarious when you tell others what you've been doing in your training :) "I've been doing fartleks" " sorry ...what?!!!" I'm sorry, I'm so immature, but its got fart in it :)


I can't say fart without grinning either ;)


Thanks everyone. Had been thinking I was missing something really technical!

Have to say that the harder I run on my intervals the more "fart"lek they become. I maybe shouldn't try to build up distance after speed for fear of full on trotter's tummy....... :)




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