last day of olympics and new PB ** crowd goes wild **

having been running 5 and 10k after completing this programme i was wondering where to go I was still chasing the 30min 5k and regularly running 5k with the 5k plus plan , i couldnt get quicker than 39 mins averaging about 41 minutes but i was comfy! after watching all the effort and hard work the athletes put in for the olympics i thought i should at least try o istuck my music on and broke with the programme and with a walk/jog/run/sprint combo shaved 5 minutes off my pb!! t tested my fitness and im going to use this method to get to my 30min/5k goal. t was chucking it down on blackpool prom so there was no crowd really , but i was very happy up team GB!

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  • Well done!! How exactly did you manage it? I am trying to get my time down on my 5k! πŸ˜€

  • i set my watch to stopwatch and kept an eye on the time aiming for 15 mins halfway, then instead of running to the beat i attacked the hills opened up on the downhills and just ran it more like a race, did some sprinting, then walked if i was really out of breath. i just chased it down really, watching all the atheletes on telly i wondered how i differed and the main thing was they were knackered at the end whereas i was "ho hum thats the end of another easy 5 k" when i first started c25k i was gasping for breath and sweating and i realised i hadnt felt like that since i graduated. but i did on this day . so maybe just aim for a good time get there however you can then build on that x

  • That's a really good way to do it. I tend to run quite hard in the first 5 mins and then I am really tired for the rest and am really slow. Will give that approach a go. Thanks for the good idea!! 😁😁

  • That's a great improvement - well done!

  • 5 minutes? That's mahoosive! Congratulations, you deserve a medal!

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