Week 5 Run

After a miscalculation last week now I can truly say that I am over the hump having just completed 14 out of the 27 runs on the programme. I enjoyed to the two longer runs today. 8 minutes, who'd ov thunk it 5 weeks ago when I was lying on that couch. Though I still enjoy a bit of couch time. I even found myself thinking I wish this walking bit was over I have been walking for too long. I guess that means that I am recovering more quickly now as well. I even found myself speeding up a little (a relative term) for the second half of the second 8 minute run which was on the long incline section of my run. So all good today.

5 Replies

  • Excellent well done you :-)

  • What a great start to the day! Well done you, over the hump. on over the hump day!

    All downhill from here to the finishing line? Well done!!!:)

  • Good on you matching run for run even if i am up slightly earlier

  • Good on you I am matching you run for run even I am up & out slightly earlier

  • That's brilliant!! I'm repeating W4 this week, after 10 days out with injury, but will be back on W5 again next week. Keep going, you're doing great! :)

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