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Whoopadeedoo! Week 5 Run 2!

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I really thought I could not do this. I was fine with Run 1 but 8 mins suddenly seemed a bit long. I warmed up a bit, started and was flying through the first 8 mins to be honest (despite having to dodge Arsenal football fans marching off to the pubs, who were clogging up the pavement) until I remembered to slow down a bit. The second one I kept a more modest pace and at the end did an extra minute or so just to work up a sweat. It really helps that it is cool and windy today as I heat up very quickly normally. Still don't think I can do 20 mins in one go next time but I'll try it and see. I think I benefit from being a regular walker and my walking is speeding up since the programme fitness kicked in. So I am rather pleased with Week 5 so far even though I have the wobbles about the last run. Any tips do let me know. One thing that helps me is allowing myself to think - well I'll fast walk if it gets too much - as it takes off the pressure a bit. This is really helping me to cope with current family illness at the moment as all that can make you feel so helpless to help.

16 Replies
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Well done! Yep, no flying! Just slow n steady!😊

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Downtwo in reply to davelinks

Just flap those arms a bit faster you never know! Thanks for the encouragement.xx

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Keep it slow and steady and just know you are ready for the next run!!! Flying can come later... whehehehheeheeeeee! :)

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Thanks so much. It's when there is no pain, stiffness or fear of one of my ankles going or any gasping. Arthritis can take a hike this week. Thank goodness for my lovely shoes. Run 3 will be definitely be slow if not steady. xx

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What Davelinks said 👍

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Downtwo in reply to Maddee_6333

Thank you. You've all been here so I know you understand. xx

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Yeah! Comfy shoes, start nice and slow and your next run is in the bag Downtwo😊...

Have confidence and you will do it, honestly😆x

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Downtwo in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. I need encouragement not just for the next run but to complete the whole thing. If I get through this Run 3 then I might start to see the end of the road. But also I am already thinking I will miss it once it is finished and will have to start something else to keep going. I am not sure I will do much beyond 5k but it would be good to keep on top of it rather than going off the boil again. Hope you are still enjoying your running. xx

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The only way I've managed to keep running non-stop is to think very slow run rather than fast walk. In the past I've always walked far more than I should and this time, working through the podcasts, I've determined to jog, no matter how slowly. I'm even doing hills (selectively) just imagining myself jogging on the spot and it's amazing how far you move forwards! I might be odd, but the minute I give myself permission to walk, then it all goes pear-shaped. I'm sure I'm running as slowly as I'd be walking, but there's something about not giving in!

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Yes Ffion2 I can understand the reluctance to actually run but any speed is still going to do wonders for you. I have done jogging in the past on my own and did try 0-5k some time ago very briefly I might add. Due to various feet and ankle problems I had to stop for a year and 0-5 has got me back. I never thought I could run again. I did a 5k parkrun in 2013 with a bad ankle and managed it pretty well (apart from the ankle!). It definitely is a lesson in patience and the psychology is so important. I might try your running on the spot idea once I start doing hills. Its rather flat round here but there is Hampstead Heath a few stops away that is ideal so I 'll have no excuses. Thanks for the tip. xx

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If I can do it anyone can! I'm in my early 60s and truly started from the couch. I've just completed Week 5 Run 3 on my second attempt. On the first attempt I started walking at 18 mins but realised that it was my mind that gave up and not my body. Today I just kept thinking it's only a bit further and how I'd feel if I managed it. The app really does prepare you for what seems like a huge leap to 20 mins but is actually achievable. I don't think I'd have got this far without all the amazing support and advice from people on this forum. You can do it!

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Downtwo in reply to Lorraine3

Thank you for your inspiring enthusiasm. Well done for doing Run 3 twice. I may well do that myself if I find it tough. This forum is great for backing us all up. It can be so easy to just drop out when it looks too tough. I'm 58 and have struggled with fitness and health for some time but I am already feeling ten times better since I started this programme. I am not getting as tired in between which means I can start to feel the possibilities of completing. Looking forward to hearing of your progress. xx

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You CAN do the 20 mins, it's mind over matter at this stage. If you can do run 2 you can do run 3. Believe in yourself and go slowly and you'll be fine.

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Downtwo in reply to Glossy

Thank you Glossy. This is all giving me a bit more backbone about the whole thing. I tend to build it up too much and then am surprised when it is so much easier than I thought. Do it every time! I have noticed that my thinking about the whole thing is changing. I was setting myself big challenges at the beginning but now I am just concentrating on what I am doing now and doing it as well as I can, thereby getting much more enjoyment out of it. I will be chuffed to complete the whole thing. xx

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You really can do the 20 minutes, I was not at all convinced when I attempted it last weekend, and it was totally fine. In fact once I got going and got through the first 10 mins I enjoyed the last 10. At the end I felt great, so elated and happy, it's really worth it! Just don't go too fast early on...

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Downtwo in reply to siobhp

Glad to hear that, siobhp. That's great especially as you are enjoying it and not having to just slog. I think the fitness level goes up really quickly with the longer runs, initially it seems, judging from some of the posts. Isn't it a good feeling to have gone past the half way mark. xx

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