Week 5 Run 1

Well just got back from my first run of Week 5 and I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about this first run...running for 5 minutes non stop...who would have thought it would have been possible for ME !! but I did manage it, the first 5 minutes were relatively easy it seemed to go quickly but the second and third runs of 5 minutes I had to remember to pace myself as Laura suggested and it worked, my breathing is a lot better too, I seem to recover a bit quicker on the walks so not too bad....now gearing up for Run 2 on wednesday just hope I can do it cause I think its 8 minutes....seems sooooo long...hope everyone has a great day and a great run xxx


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8 Replies

  • Wow , well done you !! I am on week 3 and week 5 is not that far away :-) I hope that i will feel as positive as you by then , have a lovely day :-)

  • Hi Kazzers you will.... just keep going doing week by week its amazing how fitter you get, I look back at when I started week 1 and I was so out of puff...just keep at it, it does get easier believe it or not xxx

  • Hi, I'm at the same stage as you. I also found the first 5 minutes reasonably comfortable. The last 5 minutes was hard. Run 2 tomorrow (Tuesday) for me.

  • Hi Sbhoa yes I dont know why but I seem to get a slight pain or annoyance in my right groin area... on the last two runs of the podcast so I stop in the waking bit and do some pull up stretches and this does seem to help...I am on my rest day today (tues) so my run 2 will be wednesday....I really hope it goes well for you and will be wondering how you are going....remember to pace yourself as its most important at this stage just to keep going....good luck....remember you have trained for this and you can do it xxx Oh let me know how you go...

  • Just back from my run. A bit wet and windy so started out with the running jacket on today. The 8 minutes wasn't as hard as I expected. My legs coped well and I was breathing more comfortably (now to work on some technical breathing issues on clarinet...). I realised I'd need to extend my route to avoid having to put a loop in at the end and judged that just about right. Second 8 minutes I started slower and though it was hard it wasn't anything like as hard as the final 5 minutes of the week 4 run.

    W5R3 will have to be earlier morning as I'm busy all morning Thursday. Granddaughter being dropped off about 9.30 then I leave her with granddad while I go and have an hour session with my accompanist.

  • Great effort....I ran my W5 Run 2 yesterday, I was a bit worried running for 2 blocks of 8 minutes but I managed just kept reminding to pace myself...and I did it....now have to get my mindset ready for run3 which is for 20 minutes....have you done this one yet...I would be very interested to know how you coped.....keep up the good work.....xx

  • W5R3 today. Had intended to get out this morning but that didn't happen..... when will this exercise make me sleep better?

    Might be a good thing that I didn't go this morning because I found it pretty hard going. At 15 minutes I was tired and I was almost ready to quit by the last 2 minutes..... kept going because doing that was better than the idea of having to try again after pushing it that far. Needed a quick lean on a lamp post before continuing with my walk up the hill home. Not sure how much energy I'd have had for an hour's clarinetting with my accompanist if I'd gone out this morning!

    Proud of myself for managing though my average pace was about the speed I can walk that distance.....

  • Well done sbhoa....I have just got back myself...well 15minutes ago...(its early morning here in oz) just rewarding myself with a nice coffee and checking my blogger mates....well I went not too bad...after lubing my shins and calf muscles with my heat oil and doing my stretches I was ready to set off, I found the whole run good, had to keep telling myself to pace it, otherwise would have run out of puff, hows your breathing going....mine is so much better I dont feel like I am all over the place, bit worried as my left knee had a few twinges but I just focused and kept my pace and before I knew it the 10minute mark had arrived and then kept going and then 5minutes and then the final 5 minutes so I was very pleased. I find when Laura tells me how long I have run for and how long I have to go that motivates me as I like to know where I am in the session, previous times she has not said and I am left wondering...Is your area up and down dale....where I run its flat so its relatively easy....well I am saying that now mind you but didnt think that a couple of weeks before....Yes sbhoa be proud of yourself as you should be cause you are doing really well...Oh and about the sleeping, I have been a very light sleeper for a lot of years but have started taking magnesium powder, its a muscle relaxer I get it from my local health shop and have a tsp in small glass of water in the evening and in the morning and trust me it does work I have been having the best sleeps, like a baby, why dont you try it...the brand I get is Dr Sandra Cabot she is an aussie...dont know if you have heard of her over your part of the world but you need to get the Ultra Potent one...she has also written a book Magnesium the miracle mineral...interesting reading...her website is: sandracabot.com Goodluck and let me know what you think and how you are going.. xxx

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