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Week 5 run 2

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Ok so it's 2 x 8 min runs. 13 runs ago I was struggling with 90 second stints... however everyone says stay with the programme.. it's doable.

First 8 mins. First 5 mins was relatively easy but mins 6 7 and 8 got harder. To be expected I think. Legs were good. Breathing ok, but head was saying this is a long way... head shut the hell up. We are doing this.. First 8 mins done. Hey guess what.... I can run (ish) for 8 mins without stopping now.

Run 2 yes it was harder lots harder... It was a real struggle but I did it . I was so very very slow for the last minute but I managed it

If you want an idea as to how hard Che k out my top below. I feel like someone has just poured hot water over me

Run safe lovelies


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Mansbird profile image

Well done you, you did it 😁🎉

I did the same run tonight, but I didn’t hear Laura mention the 8 mins otherwise I’d of been the same. Doesn’t it feel amazing 😁 you can do this, one more run to do and your over the hump week and it’s a downward slope to your fantastic graduation 😎🎉

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Congrats! I really recommend getting some polyester tops to run in - cotton just becomes like a soaked towel. (Yep, I sweat a lot too!)

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Jay66UK

Check these out too..


Ang33333 profile image
Ang33333Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I love their clothes for walking in too. Good socks.

Jay66UK profile image
Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Ooh nice burnt orange.

Oldfloss profile image

Very well done...just do what you are doing... and be really pleased with yourself. Keep it slow and keep it steady :)

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Hey Dudders 61. Well done you. Same run for me tomorrow morning. Let's hope I do as well as you.

Dudders61 profile image
Dudders61 in reply to Paula2155

Slow and steady miss.... those last 3 mins in run two are positively evil lol.... You'll be great

Paula2155 profile image
Paula2155Graduate in reply to Dudders61

Hey Dudders61. W5r2 done. Very slow and steady but done. I can't believe I'm running! Harrell Williams sang HAPPY to me as I did the warm down walk and I really felt it to. Bring on r3. Good luck with yours we can smash this. P x

Dudders61 profile image
Dudders61 in reply to Paula2155

Nice one. Told you that you would be great. 20 mins next which does seem like an awfully long time. 😳. Slow but sure tho.

Bring on tomorrow 😉

_SimonT_ profile image

Well done Kerry! You me and Jay66UK should start a new forum support network ‘Men who sweat!’ 😂😅 I always think it means you’ve had a proper work out and not just been pussy footing around!

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