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Week 5 run 2 - Pleased as punch!


So went off for the second run of week 2 with the boyfriend, which generally means a flatter run because he has a canal near him. Set off for the first of two 8 minute runs at what I thought was a slow pace, quickly realised that it was a little faster than I had planned, however it was sustainable for that run. Gave it a go for the second run, and kept it up! Not only did I keep it up, but in the final 60 seconds my headphones unknowingly popped out, and my boyfriend, who was keeping an eye on thr time, let me push myself for another 90 seconds before stopping me to let me know we were done...at which point we found out about the unplugged headphones. (So apologies to Jo Whiley for the unnecessary silent curses!)

It felt so good to have done both runs at a slightly higher pace and to have been able to push myself that little bit further.

Tomorrow's run is back on hills so I know it will be slower, it is also 20 minutes continuous running, so another good reason to keep it slow.

All said and done I'm feeling pretty chuffed, and welcome the sore legs today! They are well deserved!

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Well done that’s fantastic!!!!

Thank you!


Brilliant job.

in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay!

There are a few of us at the same stage here today! I did my R2 too and loved the 2 x 8 minute runs. Felt I could have gone further. I’m very much looking forward to the ‘big’ 20 minuter on Friday!

I’ll post on here how I get on, and hopefully you will too!

Good luck! 😀👍🏻🏃‍♀️

I think I could have gone further if I had run at the slower pace I had intended. I'm nervous but excited for today's 20 minutes. I'll comment back here to let you know! Good luck with yours tomorrow, let me know how it goes!

Completed yesterdays 20 minute run. It was hard but easier than initially anticipated, just had to mentally keep pushing. Had a few moments, mainly at each 5 minute mark also the final 2 minute mark where my brain went 'there's no walking break' and I had to remind myself I didnt NEED a walking break. I just needed to take things slow, which is exactly what I did. Really pleased with how it went and feeling good for tomorrow's Park Run!

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