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W9r3 'well that didn't go to plan'

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2 mins into the run and a pain to back of leg, tried to carry on but it wasn't going to happen. Thought better to stop then cause any damage. Looks like I've hurt my hamstring in right leg. Sitting ere with ice on it and feeling down and very sorry for myself. Can't believe all these runs with no niggles until the last one then one comes along big time. I think this might back me back a bit πŸ˜‚

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Sorry to hear that when you have done so well getting to this point. I don't think at this point you will really lose the ability to do this so hopefully only a matter of a few days before you graduate? Fingers crossed for you.


Ouch... what a pain! Literally! Well.. you are so close..very well done for stopping..

RICE and be sure it is okay to head out again. When you do, steady and slow, just do the 30 mins, howvwer slow you are!!

You will get there..! :)


You did right to stop, assess and then take the decision you did....the run will still be there to conquer when you're fit again - and it's such a monumental one that you want to enjoy it :) x


Booked to see Physio at 9 in the morning, we'll see what he as to say


That sucks garym, but in the long run these things happen and just seem to be part of running. I know it is frustrating, but at least your 'training' is now complete: joy, exhaustion, frustration, elation, pride, gremlins and now injury :-).

Why not take this time on the IC to research running form, or post c25k plans?


Could be a calf pull. Ice, elevation and rest by the sound of things 😯 Ice is fab


Oh garym ! Flippin' heck , what a palaver ! :-)

You did absolutely the right thing in stopping. Best a few days off now than maybe weeks if you had carried on .

Hope you get sorted , speedy recovery and let us know how you go on .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

Of all the runs for this to happen on! Hope the physio has good news for you Gary. A lot of us have had to pause for injury but you will be back. Don't rush back running, let your injury heal first.


This running game is expensive πŸ˜‚ Visited Physio this morning it's my hamstring but it's not a tear, so not to bad. Got another visit on Monday morning. He is hopefull that 2 weeks off that 2 weeks of walking and I should be able to get back to running. Never thought I would be so down that I can't exercise πŸ˜‚


Aw , at least you know what it is and you have got a recovery plan .....

Being on the IC is the flippin' pits I know. Oh hum, sorry to hear this Gary. Chin up, things can only get better xxx

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