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Well that was not the plan!

I decided to try the intermediate run at the love running group tonight. I definitely chose the wrong evening to step it up!

It was the longest intermediate run they do.

It was hot.

There was 1km of continuous hill climb

I have first day period cramps down to my f@!*π¥% knees

It was going ok, I had a couple of walk breaks on the hill (Kms 2 to 3) and a quick dash into a KFC to use the facilities but I was feeling good. My breathing was fine my thighs were beginning to burn at just past 4.5Km but there was just a couple of short inclines and one decline in the last 1.7Km so it was all good.

Then at exactly 5Km with no warning I was doubled over bringing up the tiny bit of water in my stomach!!

My running buddy was great and helped got me drinking water and walking again. A couple of other runners in the group stopped to check we were ok before carrying on!

I walked to the end my running buddy refusing to carry on ahead and we did the 6.2Km (3.9miles I think) in 1 hour. We made it back with the last runner and back markers doing a sprint finish behind us so we had a good group ending together. There was also a small group of runners waiting for everyone to get back and cheering us to the finish 😁

I'm currently laid on the sofa, having had a cool shower and some pasta, with a pint of water. Feeling quite pleased that I made it as far as I did and determined that soon I will take on that loonnggg hill without walking.

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Oh my goodness, you poor thing!! How are you feeling post pasta and shower? Better I hope. This heat is not for going uphill in! It sounds like you had a really nice running partner though, which is one positive from it all.

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Yes she's great. So are all the other group members. Lots of encouragement from the speedy ppl doing the 5 mile route as they zip by.

I'm surprising not discouraged as I know normally the runs that group do are less hilly and closer to 5Km so I can do them 😁 I'm feeling much better now thanks

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Good to hear, definitely no point being discouraged by one bad run, just recover and get back out and you’ll have a nicer run next time :)



You went into a KFC and didn't come out with a bucket full of that delicious secret blend of eleven herbs and spices!?

I'm impressed - I could never have done it! :D :D :D


It was tempting but there was a line and I had a finish line to get to 😁

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Well done for getting through that!! Sounds like too much heat and too much all at once 😕

Take it easy now but very well done 💪✊😁

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Yes all of a sudden it was all too much.

I'm feeling fine again now and looking forward to a shorter one next week!

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