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Morning run didn't go to plan

So I got up and was ready for my run at 6:30am (I'm surprised too) then as I was about to leave I noticed u was properly loaded with cold :-( so I took some cold and flu tablets and left for my run got half way through and I needed to stop ... To be sick I was coughing a lot and siffling a lot and I basically chucked up the tablets I had just consumed I'm so annoyed with myself I'm deffo putting this down to a cold that's been going around the office as this has happened to a few of my colleagues last week I just didn't expect it to happen to me .... It wasn't warm I wasn't going fast the run was going well until that happened :-( I will try again when I'm better

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I had a chest infection back in February after a cold and lots of our guys here recommended that I rest. I was really annoyed with myself for not being able to get better quicker and had 4 weeks until my 10k run. With 2 weeks of rest, I felt far better than I did when trying to force my body to run while I had such a nasty cough, and ran faster on race day.

Don't get frustrated and listen to your body if it needs energy to focus on you getting better. If you must, perhaps do some yoga (lots of yoga tips for runners online that strengthen and stretches your muscles) which is not as strenuous but could enhance your running afterwards.

I hope you get better very soon.


I don't know why it said that I have a lung and respiratory infection in the tags I'm pretty sure its just a bad cold :-/ I'm deffo gonna rest today and possibly tomorrow and I've never thought of yoga till you mentioned it I shall have a look.


I kept running with a cold and it developed into something horrid so rest sounds good :) yes, there is a lot about yoga for runners and although it doesn't look like hard work, it really works your muscles and core strength, increases your flexibility and amazing stretches. I am sure there will be some YouTube videos aplenty too.

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This is where the couch comes in to play again! Hope you feel better soon x


Hope you feel better sopn. Like the yoga idea.☺


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