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That didn't quite go to plan

Wk6r1 full of confidence having done the dreaded wk5r3.

So at 6.15am I head to the hotel gym thinking I'll be the only sad git in there at this time. Aha not so.

There is only 1 dreadmill & 1 bloke on it looking well into his stride.

So niavety (?)here thinks I'll do a 5 - 10 min warm up on the cross trainer then he'll be done. But no. Half an hour later he's still there & I'm still on the CT sweating like a sweaty thing in monsoon season.

As soon as I finish on the CT does he not decide he's done & jumps off. Just as I debate whether I have the energy to try even a 10 min run. Little miss enters the gym & yep you've guessed it straight on the dreadmill!!

So sorry Laura love, our precious time together this morning didn't go to plan but hopefully I'll see you tonight. Different city, different hotel, different dreadmill..........

Have a good day folks!! 😄

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Maybe different hotel with more dreadmills? ;) Have you not tried running outside yet? With the weather improving and more light returning it is certainly the option that I prefer.


I do normally run outside at home & much prefer it but am away with work this week & not that familiar with my surroundings so more from a security aspect (lone female) thought I should stick to the gym. Can't wait to get home at the weekend & hit outside again!


Sure. I completely understand. I also travel a lot for work which is one of the reasons I took up running because you can just about do it anywhere :) . Often when I go to a new city though I do ask at the hotel reception if there is a safe route to run but then I am a hulking man so it does make a difference. Also I am never really home enough to get value from a gym.

You just have to find someone else at work who is out there with you and encourage him/her onto the C25K course! Lol.

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Oh how frustrating! At least you still got a work out on the CT. Good luck for getting a treadmill at the next hotel and with your next run :)

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Aren't you allowed to count your XT workout as the 10 x2 or whatever wk 6 is - you've clearer done the distance? Look forward to reading how tonight goes anyway.


& the dreadmill saga update. This hotel has two!! (Ooooo!) & Laura & I completed wk6r1 just a wee while ago on one of them......😊 Running on the dreadmill wasn't as bad as I'd expected but boring as sin. Even with music and a telly!!

Cant wait to get outside again on home turf.

Have a lovely evening all. 😊


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