Well that didn't go quite to plan...🙄

Well I'm not sure where to start.....today was my first post-graduation run and it was so ridiculously hard! I feel like I'm being a bit moany; I know that I can do it; but for some stupid reason I thought once I'd graduated I'd suddenly become a fantastic runner 😬.......errr no.....I was slower..(and believe me if I'd got much slower I would have been going backwards!) than I've ever been and the 30 minutes was the longest 30 minutes of my whole running experience!!!! Sooooo.....I would like some words of wisdom please as after my debacle this morning, I'm feeling like a bit of a fraud!!! Thank You in advance for any advice!

p.s.....please don't make me give my badge back! 😳


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  • I had several runs after I graduated that were like that. I'd done 30 minutes three times so it seemed daft that I couldn't manage it again. There's something about finishing the programme and having to do it by yourself that's strange. Just keep getting out there, experiment with different routes, times, music, no music, and it will start to come together. After a few runs I started to like not having Laura with me all the time.

  • Thank you SCB1......weird isn't it? I deffo missed MJ.....but you're right....keep on trucking!!!

  • Why not repeat the week 9 runs with MJ for a while....consolidate. You will find you improve your stamina and can plan your next challenge.

  • That's what I need to do....yep, good advice. . Thank You

  • It's a bit like the joy of w5r3 followed by wk6r1 a shock to the system! Don't worry it will come right. You could still run with MJ, there's nothing to stop you. after graduation I used to run with Laura occasionally. You could also try doing the c25k podcasts for structure too.

  • I'm thinking this could be the way to get through this tricky bit.....thank you.

  • I posted a few days ago to say how hard I was finding my post-graduation runs. A couple of kind and wise people here told me that I'd soon experience a boost to my stamina - a couple of runs later, I had a really good run. Stay with it. 30 minutes every time for a while - all will be well.

  • Hope so! Thank You.

  • Oh ohhhh...somebody else feeling the same as me!!! Have you read my post grad run posts??? If you read them you’ll see that you’re not on your own just as I wasn’t, but I did feel a fraud, you’re not a fraud & you certainly shouldn’t worry about your badge, you’ve earned it with all your hard work!! You can run, you are a runner, you just need to settle into it now, find your pace & stick to it...still taking it nice & steady so you don’t run out of steam...try not to get disheartened if you don’t manage to run 30 minutes every time...and why not try using my secret weapon? Extra warm up time...I have 10 minutes, 5 mins doesn’t always work for everyone. Chin up, shoulders back & get back out there...let us know how you get on x

  • Thank you Mummycav.....I'm just so glad that I am not alone in this situation.....it's very comforting to have some strategies now........I'll look at your posts for more moral support!!! Thanks again.x

  • I love having MJ running with me others have also spoke about repeating W9 runs to consolidate there are other structured podcasts/ apps out there to use if you enjoy the structure of being told what to do. Don’t be to hardon yourself 👍🏃‍♀️

  • Wise words....thank you.

  • This made me smile.. it happens so often... :)

    C25K is just the beginning... and we have to try to remember that:)

    You will be fine..honestly!

    Pull back... chill and just take some runs just for pure joy...because you can. Let your legs just take you... start slowly and see where you get to. Do some thirty minute consolidation, but try different routes.. go really slow and then take it a little faster for a few minutes. Do some ' see where I get to' runs... don't try too hard. Our legs have only just got going.. and they, and our stamina and strength need to continue to build up.

    After you settle down and do some more 30 minute runs..maybe look at the C25K+ podcasts too.. they are really useful and fun!

    You are a runner... so just relax.. and run... your way! :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss.......I must just remember to be a bit kinder to myself and remove my head from the running...as soon as I overthink things it all seems to go wrong!!!! A runner I shall be!

  • You are a runner.... you are.... and the people we neglect most are ..ourselves... Be kind to yourself and just relax :)

    My husband would laugh at that comment he is always telling me to be kind to myself!!!

  • Mine says the same.......Obviously on this occasion our husbands are completely right! May I ask a couple more questions please? Should I still leave a day between runs and do a 5 minute warm up walk? Thank you.

  • Always.. and more if you need to.. I had three rest days between an 8 K and a 4K run.. and I warm up walked for fifteen minutes before the 8K run!!!

    As you run more and possibly further, the rest days and rest day exercise become crucial... micro tears are a real possibility...and our strength and stamina.. particularly core strength become so important....I have an exercise regime for rest days and a run day pre run and post run ritual too :)

    I am not a fitness fanatic, but they are part of my day.. I get up early so, no problem there :)

  • Sound's great!!!! I really want to do the best I can for me and my old and knackered body!! My friend does a lot of core training so i may well ask her for advice on that score!

  • Well we all have bad runs and it sounds as though this was one of them, put it behind you and look forward to the next one

    Oh and by the way you are a runner

  • I read a lot about running these days, and it’s apparently very (very) normal to have bad runs at times. One piece I read said that they often come just before a breakthrough, and I realized that’s been true for me. One day post-C25K I was trying to run 1.5 miles and couldn’t do it. The next time I ran 2.4! A couple of weeks later I tried to run 3 miles and didn’t make it past 1.8. A week later I ran 4 miles for the first time! Just keep it up. The consistency will get you through.

  • To be fair hicorrie, my husband, who has been a proper runner for years has said the self same thing....some days he can take on the world and run and run, other days, he struggles. Consistency is the key....I'll go for that. Thank you.

  • .. errr... You are a proper runner:)

  • When I graduated I carried on using the week 9 podcast with Laura, as I didn’t feel confident doing it without her. I then gradually introduced one run with my own playlist, and tried not to worry about timings. I then went on to try the C25k + podcasts settled down. This is is just the beginning of your running adventure, wear your badge with pride and just go out and enjoy your runs.

  • Thanks Razouski.....you're so right....12 weeks ago I would have been amazed if anyone had said that I would be running for 30 seconds let alone 30 minutes I would have not believed them....!!! Funny how things change!

  • You know what l did before consolidating 5K runs and moving on to 10K? I repeated the entire program, lol. All over again, from the top!

    And why not, our game - our rules ;)

  • Don’t worry. You do feel like you’re going backwards for a time

    Be patient! You can only develop gradually so get used to that fact. You can only go as far as your leg and upper body fitness will allow. The good news is though is that you develop running legs by slow runs and rest days

    It’s fun though! The journey is tough sometimes but it’s a great thing to do. The golden time I call it. Enjoy it as it’s the time you’ll look back on when you’ve reached your 10kmdistance goal, or,whatever it might be 🙂🏃‍♀️👍

  • 30 minutes 5k isn't slow, well done, yes you might feel a bit sore, running a 5k works out at about 6-minutes for 1 kilometre, that is perfectly OK.

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