Do I go running again?

Hi did week 4 run three a week ago and the pain had been progressively getting worse in my hips. Got advice a from a couple of more experienced people one here (thanks as usual) and took extra rest days. I hadn't been able to walk properly at points in the last ten days and was having to take some heavy duty painkillers just to move my legs.

I stated in previous posts it wasn't like a strain or a pull or anything like that just severe discomfort inside my hip. Anyway I digress, it was getting better then on Friday I was out from work in just my shirt and it started pouring. I decided I've done week 4 surely I can jog 100 yards to the car. Within about 20 seconds the pain was back and worse than ever.

I had to leave it a few days then decided to go for a cycle yesterday. Picked a nice easy flat route of 20 miles but absolutely NO discomfort in my hip apart from one very minor passing twinge (seconds) and have had no pain since.

Beginning to worry this running lark isn't for me. I was enjoying it and finding the program ok apart form the hip pain.

Now I'm pain free again I don't know whether to start again and if so where since I've not run for a week???


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  • Please do not run again until you've been checked over by your GP or a qualified sports physiotherapist.

  • I'd advise you see a doctor and get his/her professional opinion. We're all a bunch of running nuts but not qualified to help you with the kind of pain you're describing! Hope it works out for you.

  • First of all, get yourself checked out by a real doctor! Having said that I suffered from a hip that clicked and was often so painful I could not walk never mind run. It has now been pain free for 2 years after I took up yoga. It made me much more aware of my posture and the gentle stretching made me more flexible. I hope you get it sorted soon and can get back out running. Good luck πŸ‘

  • See the Dr, get this checked...:) We are good at support, but you need experts!

    Hope this gets sorted for you :)


    Would have loved to see you running the 100 yards in 'just' your shirt!!! I would have broken all records! :)

  • Could it be osteoarthritis? A colleague at work suffers with this and is going to have a hip replacement aged only 40. Time to go and see your GP I reckon πŸ‘Ž

  • ouch... you need to see a GP/ sports osteopath/ physio. Strengthening exercises following their advice may help you too... please take care :)

  • Definitely see a doctor. It's one thing to get advice about a niggle on here, but quite another to try to self-diagnose that kind of pain. (Although if it's inside the joint I'll just mention another possibility of bursitis.)

    Get a referral to a sports physio if they aren't able to diagnose the problem/help. Years ago my GP point blank told me I was too young to have arthritis (not true, but I don't think it was arthritis) and the pain in my hip must be from jumping up and down when playing badminton, so to stop that and keep swimming. In fact, the opposite was the case, so GPs are sometimes not specialised enough to be able to help, but these days I think most are honest enough to be able to admit that and send you somewhere to get the advice you need.

    And in the meantime, please don't go running!!

  • Hi I've checked Bursitis and I have both gout and arthritis so I'll mention it to the doc when I see him πŸ‘

  • I agree that you should get proper advice. My own GP has always been useless with any sports related injury but yours may be different. I put my trust in physiotherapy because it looks at the whole body and how everything connects and can detect the root cause of a problem. I had two physio sessions and my physio diagnosed arthritis in my hip. Much as I was gutted, not least coz she has said I mustn't run again, it was fascinating seeing all the manoeuvres and twists and bends etc which got her to her diagnosis.

    One key symptom was pain in my groin (as well as my hip). A friend told me pain in her groin led to a diagnosis of arthritis in the hip which I couldn't quite fathom, but that's what happened to me too.

    I am able to swim and cycle so all is not lost but I suffered for a long time before I sought help.

  • jaynekate hi I did a general response to all but you have mentioned specifics that are relevant to me. I have Crohns and that has led to Arthritis and gout in most of my joints but I've never had trouble in my hips. I'm on daily medication for everything I've got and it is normally under control. The last time I had a joint issue was about two years ago just before I started cycling. I've been cycling just under two years and this week completed 9000 miles so I'm almost in Australia according to my kids πŸ˜„

    I'm in the fortunate position of being both in the local and consultant level healthcare on a very regular basis. My local GP is great but also very aware of the issues I have and doesn't do anything without speaking to my Crohns and Renal consultant because one wee change the GP could make could have some pretty poor consequences. That's why I try to avoid seeing anyone else as I have to go through everything again with them and then tell them they can't change anything without checking first!

    I really enjoy cycling and do so regularly but just wanted to try something else and this is what I decided but I think I may be like you and it will be non impact stuff only which is a bit disappointing πŸ™

  • Well I really hope you don't have to stop and can find a way. Here's hoping.πŸ‘

  • Thanks to all, yeah I see my doctor on a regular basis but very fortunately I've managed to avoid him for a few weeks πŸ˜€

    He's on holiday just now and can't take the hassle of going back over everything with someone new so I'll just wait until he's back. Got my Crohns consultant in 2 weeks and if I tell them I'm having joint issues they go and get my Rheumatologist and bring him into the appointment so should be able to get proper advice then.

    Just a bit worried that either one, or both will say impact sport pack it in!! That's why I cycle because it's not so I'll just need to wait and see.

  • Wait and see. It could be an alignment issue which would not be too difficult to fix with physical therapy. Do you run on hard surfaces? Concrete is really tough on the joints. Perhaps you were already doing this but if not, try to only run on earth or grass. I find it makes a big difference.

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