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Well I have decided to embark on the Couch 2 5k app!!! Eekkk, as someone who is at least 4 stone over weight I have decided I need to get fit, especially since I high blood pressure. This is hereditary unfortunately, however, exercise would always help keep it lower.

Apart from winning the school 100meter races (this was some 15 years ago now!) I have never been a runner. I've always looked and thought 'what a lovely hobby, the fresh air, music on and you're good to go' but I have always struggled to run a lengthy distance.

So i have decide to give this app a go! I am now on week 2 day 2. When I first started week 1 I remember looking down to check how many seconds I had left until I had completed my first ONE minute run!! I had 13 seconds to go and was wishing it second along!! Last night I was panicking at the thought of running a while 90 seconds and didn't think I would be able to do it without stopping. Wow, I was so impressed with myself, I did each 90 seconds with no stopping and it felt good!! So good in fact that I have joint this forum to discuss and read people's achievements.

I am really hoping I can stick to it as it does seem achieveable. I would be so proud of myself!!

Well done all you other runners out there.


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  • Brilliant, huge well done to you for embarking on the programme! It isn't easy but the dividends will keep on paying off 😎

  • You're sounding very positive which is a good start. Take it one run at a time and go very slow, you'll be a runner before the summer is out ! Good luck.

  • Thank you, I appreciate your kinds words!

  • Welcome and well done for starting the program!

    It is most definitely achievable! You could be me with how you describe yourself; except I was 6 stone overweight when I did this first time around last year.

    But running I never ever thought was my thing; although I've always envied runners and wanted to be able to run I never thought I could. So wrong!!

    If I can do this anyone can πŸ˜‰

    Good Luck with your journey and keep posting and reading as it really does help πŸ‘

  • Ahh brilliant, well done you also. A big pat on the back to us both as it isn't easy, but that beep when you reach the 5 minute cool down certainly is a beautiful sound and I go home with a smile on my face thinking I am another step closer to achieving my goal.

  • Good luck with your journey. Take it one run at a time. 🌻🌻

  • Welcome you!

    Well done for making the first steps.. slow and steady does it. all the way!! I sprinted for my county too.... but that was over 50 years ago... yep! That old...:)

    This is so different, but so much fun.. just follow the programme, take your rest days...and other exercise on those days may help you too!

    It may indeed help your BP... I don't have high BP, but my last two well-woman checks showed a BP and pulse rate of a thirty year old... I think that speaks for itself :)

    A healthy eating regime combined with this. will really improve things for you... tighter, leaner. fitter, mentally and physically... plus, the great folks on the forum!

    Post your successes and any setbacks.. ask any questions... even if you think they are a tad silly... we are all in this together... I am still running, three times a week, and am up to a 10K now, as and when I fancy it !

    So... brilliant... onward and upward!!!

  • That's super to reach 10k well done!! I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead and am grateful to everyone's comments on here and enjoy reading all the posts.

    We all have to start somewhere!

  • Good for you! You can do it. Never doubt it!

    Slow but sure. That's the mantra☺

    As regards weight loss, you know what you need to do ☺

  • well done you i start week 4 tommorrow and am of course dreading it lol x we will see how i get on , slow and steadt and best of luck in your running , im 47 and also quite overweight at 16 stones so am using this along side healthy eating ( i do slip up but im trying )

  • Well I think we are doing great. The hardest bit is acting getting off the sofa and taking the plunge to do it. No matter how slow you go, it's still better than doing nothing eh.

    Good luck tomo!

  • Well done - you've done the hardest part and that's starting! You'll get lots of support on here, so keep posting :)

  • Just keep getting out there and running. You're doing great, and you will be successful.

  • Wishing you lots of luck and enjoy your success. I'm a newbie having recently achieved my first mile. My group is on a two week break at the moment so I've been practicing my mile on a treadmill. It's so much easier than running on hard ground and I know I will be challenged when I start the group sessions again after Easter. However it's really encouraging to know that despite earlier struggles, mainly with leg pain, I can run a mile three times a week on a treadmill. Perhaps the surface is more forgiving. After Easter, we move to a grassy location for our group sessions so I'm hoping the surface will be better for me than the hard surface we were on before. All the Easter food will need to be run off!

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