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Week 1... DONE!

Having really enjoyed run 2, I was a little dismayed to find run 3 so hard today! In part, this was due to my headset cable getting all twisted up and starting to pull the earpiece out of my ear all the time - very annoying! I also ran solo today, so maybe that is a factor. Possibly though, it was just a not so good run day - having read some of the blogs for a few weeks now, I gather that happens now and again?

I used the app today (thanks Gayle et al) instead of Laura and, whilst I did miss the encouraging voice over, it was great to run to some really pumping music.

To celebrate finishing my first week I had a little splurge on some running gear - all 70% off, so it would be rude (possibly even a criminal offence) not to wouldn't it? Purchases include a running belt for phone to avoid the above cable problems :)

Onwards and upwards - a little scared about week 2, but loving the feeling after exercise!

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Hey well done! I just finished week 1 yesterday. Feels good doesn't it :) Where did you buy the running belt from?

Good luck for week 2!


Well done you too! Just tried to reply to your blog post, but computer said no!

Running belt came from Sports Direct - half price at £4.99

In reply to your own blog post, I am intending to run M/W/F and have the weekend to rest (otherwise you would be working through the programme too quickly I think?)

Good luck for week 2 to you. Hope we survive it! :)


hey, thats brilliant, well done you, you have the bug now and believe me it gets better each week as you progress. i find its harder when i run alone as i mainly run with my wife, we started and graduated together last year.

You will have good runs and bad runs but my true belief is that you should trust the program, it works believe me. Laura really helped me through it especially with the longer runs, help and tips. I know the music is a bit pants but i would suggest to stick with Laura for the moment, at least till you get the runs with no walking in between.

Anyway great news for you, keep going and happy running.

oh i have the sports direct arm band for my iphone, had since the start and still using it. they have some great gear but i would invest in some decent running shoes. get your gait analysed and have the shoes fitted for your style of running. that bit of advice will hopefully prevent injury and back issues.

Happy Running



Thanks James - I had already bought decent running shoes as I knew these were a must. Didn't get any other kit though until today!


PS. Wasn't running naked or anything, you understand! Perish the thought...


We snared us another one!!!!! ;-) You are officially a member of the cult Amanda!! Finishing week 1, buying new running gear... it will soon become one vicious cycle of completing one challenge after another and rewarding yourself with new must have running toys!!!!! I listened to Laura earlier in the day of my run, that way I could replay her advice in my head as I ran. The rundouble lady is not near as nice as Laura but I could listen to my own music. In fact, I had a few choice words to call the rundouble gal on several occasions. ;-) Welcome to week 2!!! Gayle


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