Week 7 Run 1 Done

Another one ticked off, this morning.

I was trawling old posts on here yesterday to look for advice for w7 r1.

It surprised me that a lot of people saw it as another potential banana skin.

I also kept seeing lots of references, in posts about the final few weeks of C25K , mentioning a mysterious "Julie". Turns out to be a song on the podcasts.

I'll say no more, but I've heard it.

Podcast-narrator Laura was such a great motivator, and she dragged me over the finishing line so many times, but we've parted ways for now.

It's just me, my music and a digital watch from now on.

So, it was a nice, cool, overcast, dry morning start.

I decided to pace myself as slowly as possible- really just a notch up from walking.

Just having my music, instead of a podcast, was hugely liberating- I could enjoy the run a lot more, and I enjoyed the sense of it just being me, not having my hand held.

But Laura's pep-talks have become so ingrained, I noticed that I was checking my watch almost exactly every 5 minutes. Strange, but good, because it helped with the pacing.

I was happy that I'd started so slowly, because I was able to increase the pace a little bit, then reign it back in, as necessary, and I managed to up the tempo for the last minute.

Another enjoyable run, another great buzz afterwards.

TL;DR - I hate the podcast music.

Slow & steady is the key. :)


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22 Replies

  • Well done 90ldfinch another one ticked off ☺

  • Well done. I'm watching you every step of the way now, you being one run ahead of me. I'll be staying with Laura till the bitter end but am looking forward to sorting out my own play list.

    Keep up the good work, I'm counting on you!

  • Yes, I have given up on the podcasts for runs too.i need more pace and energy in my music. I did, however, have a sneaky look at how to register as a Geaduate (pride goes.......) and it seemed to suggest that you have to have done all the podcasts. Now, I am sure that really can't be true, but to be on the safe side I listened to week eight while walking the dog yesterday. Definitely not missing anything. I do LOVE you still, Laura!

  • Well done, I agree slow and steady is good. Week 7 makes you feel like a runner, no more stopping and starting just one run which seems easier I thought.

  • Yes, Monkey25 . At the start of C25K, the walking intervals were a godsend.

    After a few weeks, I was thinking "I've got enough in the tank to have kept going here" and now I prefer to not have them.

    It's amazing how we can adapt and get fitter in such a short space of time.

    I was terrified at the prospect of having to do these runs, but it's been an enjoyable natural progression. :)

  • Brilliantly well done. It's very addictive this running lark isn't it!

    I too find my own music adds a whole different experience. One piece of advice I would offer though is think carefully about your music. I find long pieces (classical) works much better otherwise I find the run is broken up into 3/4 minute chunks, each at a difference cadence etc.

    That's just me though ;-).

    Keep running, and well done!

  • Yes, it is surprisingly addictive, yatesco . Thanks.

    I'm too lowbrow to have any classical music :) but I know exactly what you mean.

    For running I prefer electronic/techno albums which have got broadly the same BPM.

  • Got any recommendations yatesco ? I like the idea of a longer piece of music but I know next to nothing about classical stuff. I think I've got some random CDs I could upload.

  • You know about as much as I do then Spongecake7 :-). I simply googled 'essential classical music' and read from there. I found a 'list of best ever' type thing and worked my way through it.

    Personally, the best piece of classical music I ever bought was without a doubt amazon.co.uk/Bach-Unaccompa....

    Other than that it is really hard because the taste is so personal unfortunately.

    I would say though, give it a chance. At first I found it awful ;-) but perseverance has really paid off.

    classicfm.com is also a great resource.

    Let me know what you find.

  • Thank you!

  • When I'm tired or running a particularly challenging route, I promise myself I'll keep running to the end of the next song, which is not good when the next song happens to be over 7 minutes long!

  • Well done Finchy !

    All straight runs from here onto Graduation. Hey, I hope you took Laura to one side and told her why you are leaving her . You don't want her turning up at yours rattling on your letterbox ! :-) xxx

  • Haha! It's only a trial separation- hopefully we'll be back together in a few weeks :)

  • I don't believe that for one moment!

  • Haha! It's just my very obscure way of saying, without tempting fate, I hope to hear Laura's 5k+ podcasts in the near future :)

  • I must be very sad but I don't mind the 🎶🎶😂

  • Well done was wondering about Julie too..... One to listen out for. I like a mystery.

  • Be afraid...be very afraid! :) :) :)

  • Well done Oldfinch; you're getting sooo close now; that shiny badge is within reach!

  • Thanks Slinky, I'm slowly shuffling towards it. :)

  • Slow shuffle is the way to go!

  • Hi Finchy thanks for the heads up on Julie - very intriguing... You really sound ike you've got this sussed - well done! I'm sticking with Laura for now as computer troubles have wiped out our iTunes library and I have to wait till the teenagers are done with exams before they can help their Luddite mum get some tunes!! ☺️☺️

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