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Week 7 Done!!

A beautiful morning to run, but I really didn't want to go. The last run was so hard I could barely face going out today. Even body who is usually so eager wasn't really up for it. I think nearly being sick last time had really put it off. Yet somehow there we were in running gear heading up the road listening to Laura. I tell you what I said to body let's just try for 20mins and see how we go. Ok came the grudging reply.

The first part of the run was fairly easy. I puffed, body complained. Then somewhere around the 15-18min mark I had an epiphany. Instead of me and body finally becoming one I was in fact becoming 3. There was me (my mind) and body had actually become 2. The strong leg part and the really weak top half. So here I am after said run downloading the strength and Flex podcasts so we can go out with Laura again in the morning. How strange 7 weeks ago I could barely run for 60secs and here I am increasing my exercise so I can run further than 25mins.

Oh and body wasn't sick and it even managed 30secs of sprinting. Go us!!

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See, you CAN do it! Well done you!


Just finished W7 this morning too! Well done, you. See you for W8!!


Just started W8 today - was thinking about doing another W7 run as the last one was hard work - but went for the W8 and it was actually OK (although I didn't manage to speed up for the last minute, just carried on plodding LOL). So I guess we're at roughly the same point, well done all - W8 run 2 here we come!


Well done, you made a brilliant job of week 7 :)


Thanks everyone. As you say roll in week8. I've chosen a different route for Sunday to see if I can lose the gremlin.


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