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W8R3 Week 9 here i come!!!!

Didn't fancy braving the elements (the rain was lashing down) last night so I took this one indoors. It's the first time since W1R1 that I've not been outside so I was wondering if I would be able to get through it on the treadmill for a couple of reasons; boredom being the first but secondly because of the constant pace - i know i could have changed it but when you're out on the road i think you'd change pace automatically depending on how tired you are or if you were going up hill etc.

Anyway I did it, although i missed the fresh air though and sweat like the proverbial pig! So long week 8, and come to me my sweet, shiny, green badge :) :) :) All the best for your coming runs everyone.

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Excellent work and well done for the future, Ed x


Well done Leyther! Don't blame you for not going out - it was lashing down here too!


Fantastic, hopefully the weather will at least brighten up and running outside will be possible again. Good luck with wk9 your green badge is just 3 runs away - hooray! :-)


Well done for completing W8. Also very brave to return to the treadmill, I agree that for these longer runs it must be very hard to concentrate and keep motivated but completely understandable to use it if the rain is lashing down outside. I have never used a treadmill as I have never joined a gym my only experience was for my gait analysis at the Sweatshop for new trainers and we abandoned that after a few minutes as I was not running in my natural stance because I was so new to it.

Hope the weather improves for your week 9 runs so you can cross that magical finishing line in the fresh air.


Welcome to graduation week, Leyther!!! That wonderful little badge is getting closer and closer!! :-)

I never really thought about treadmilling and not being able to naturally allow your body to adjust to it's own pace, but I think that you are exactly right. I haven't used a treadmill in years, but when I run outside my body determines my speed and distance. I don't think I would like the treadmill demanding that from me!

Well done and enjoy W9!! Oh yes, get a cloth will want to keep that green badge shined up!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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