Graduation run done!

completed my wk 9 r 3 today, bit slower today but ran on a bit and did 5.5 k In 38 minutes, my longest run to date! After a freezing windy snowy and sunny day I did my run late in the evening mostly in to a cold wind which I actually really liked, and it also dawned on me that the normal first 5 minute gremlins have been absent for the last two runs, still took 5 mins to feel into the rhythm and breathing nicely but no voices of doubt telling me I couldn't do it. Also breathing was good and was hardly out of breath when I stopped, felt like I could have run another 5 k (but my thighs muscles wouldn't have agreed to that!) Now time to decide how to proceed, I am definitely going to keep up 3x week of at least 30 minutes, but would like to gradually up the distance to complete 6 k in around 30 mins for a triathlon in August. Have had intervals for speed suggested and also increasing distance beyond the 6k to help with overall endurance but any other advice welcome and I will be doing it gradually! Thanks for all the previous helpful supportive comments, this truly is a great forum with great members!


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  • Congratulations on completing your graduation run heavyhorse - very well done! Best of luck with your future runs, it sounds like you have a good plan.ย 

  • thank you, its quite exciting feeling that a goal has been reached! Now onwards for the next goal!

  • thank you, will need all that luck! Especially to see me through the triathlon!

  • Well done heavyhorse! Cant wait to be in the same place, keep up the running!! I used to be decent at running and just loved watching speed and diistance go up and time going down! Good luck with the 30min 6k you can do it!

  • thank you, I've never been a runner before so Its a real revelation that I can actually run for 3 miles without stopping, I'm not sure how long it takes before that feels normal but I'm enjoying it for now anyway! I'm sure you'll be catching up and overtaking soon especially as you've been a runner before ,the muscles will remember!

  • Hey thank-you but unfortunately my muscles are amnesiacs :P Hope things are going well!

  • Nice to read, sounds like you are on course, congrats and best of luck...

  • thank you every bit of luck will be required!

  • Woooopwoooop :)

    Well done :)

    I'm day 17 post-grad, done 7 runs, 4 which I ran on to 5k.

    Others had written about a period of consolidation, so I'm planning another couple of weeks of 3 x 30 mins or 5k depending on how it's going and then I'm going to reevaluate what it is I want out of this!

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you, too excited to go to bed now! And my family don't quite get that this a big thing for me! Look forward to your posts to see how you are progressing too!

  • My running is 'my thing' too, rest of them think I've slightly lost it. That's why I love this forum- we all understand the obsession/ excitement it generates :)

  • Woo-hoo!! Well done!

    What a fantastic feeling! Enjoy your badge, and happy running!


  • thank you, I wasn't expecting my badge to arrive so promptly, but very impressed with it! How sad am I !!

  • Congratulations!

  • Awesome heavyhorseย ... Congratulations on your graduation. Triathlon sounds exciting :) 6k in 30 minutes would be awesome. Keep us posted so we can take some inspiration from u :)

  • Well done heavyhorse. Graduating is sooo exciting but I feel I must just pull those reigns back a little. Take the next few weeks steady. Do 3 x 30 minutes/5k but don't push too far beyond that just yet. Your muscles and tendons need time to catch up with you. Consolidating the runs means, giving yourself time to strengthen. You have plenty of time between now and August, but don't canter on too far and end up on the IC, just enjoy being a runner. Trot on.

  • thanks, and yes I intend to take it steady, I have 15 weeks before my triathlon so I am not rushing anything ,intend to keep rest days between runs too as I also cycle and swim.

  • Well done - that's brilliant! My plan, if it helps, is to get up to 4 5K runs a week over the next few weeks and then to look at mixing it up so one run is speed, one is endurance etc.

    Isn't it great though to have the freedom to chose now we are graduates :-)!

  • Congratulations! Enjoy your future running adventures!

  • Well done! Good luck with the triathlon training, what a wonderful new goal!

  • Congratuation on your graduation!

  • Congratulations on your graduation ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘

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